What Do Gamers Think About RAID: Shadow Legends on PC?

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The 2018 mobile tactics game RAID: Shadow Legends has made the jump across digital devices recently with the creation of an enhanced PC port. This is an increasingly popular path in gaming today, owing to the strength of PC hardware, which is leveraged to get the absolute most out of formerly mobile exclusives.

The only question remaining is how does it hold up? Specifically, what has been the response from the PC gaming community?

Raid Shadow Legends On PC


What is RAID: Shadow Legends?

RAID: Shadow Legends on PC is an enhanced port of the mobile game. The game follows a take on base building and combat, focusing on dark fantasy heroes and villains. Taking place in a flooded genre, RAID has an uphill battle if it hopes to come out ahead of a busy and often maligned form of mobile gaming. So, how well does it forge its own path, in the words of the gaming community?

Koolio Gaming

As a big MMORPG and online competitive gamer, Koolio Gaming is no stranger to games like RAID. After being given an early access code, Koolio was nothing if not wary about the game. Who can blame him, with gaming so layered with pitfalls? Ultimately, Koolio Gaming came away as a fan of what RAID: Shadow Legends had to offer. While praising much of the game, his fundamental enjoyment came down to the character collection aspect. So often these character designs can be throwaway or cliché. In this case, however, Koolio had nothing but applause for the hero design and range.


Mobile Gamer is, unsurprisingly, a YouTuber who focuses on mobile-centric games. This makes his opinion on cross-platform games like RAID all the more valuable.

Using his wealth of experience, MobileGamer was another player who left the gate cautious. Primarily, his issues stemmed from being burned before in these types of games, specifically when it came to story and graphics. In RAID, he found an abnormal amount of attention paid to these aspects, which ultimately left him wanting more.


As another mobile-focused YouTuber, Mogawty has spent a considerable amount of time getting involved in F2P games. So, what did Mogawty think about RAID: Shadow Legends?

Raid Shadow Legends On PC

A constant problem with similar games, as Mogawty sees it, is how often the starter champion are, well, hot garbage. Having gotten used to this aspect, he instead found himself pleasantly surprised at RAID’s starter hero’s long-term viability.

In other words, you don't have to drop real coin to stand a chance, which is a welcome change for players everywhere.


You might have sensed a pattern with the opinions of these community members so far. Similar to the others mentioned above, FG3000 was also an enthusiastic supporter. In his opinion, the components of greatest note were the flexibility of teams, and the larger team sizes available. He also noted that this was backed up by quality character models, which are a step above usual 2D and 3D efforts.

FG3000 also showed appreciation towards RAIDs movements towards the holy trilogy, which brought it closer to a traditional PC MMO.

Chofly Mobile

Chofly Mobile has made a name for himself as one of the more in-depth gaming analysts on the net. Seriously, check out his review to see just how hard he goes at different aspects of RAID:

We should note, he wasn't universally positive. Specifically, he noted issues with connectivity and the in-game shop. Fortunately, connection issues are often addressed over time. When it comes to monetization, this is more commonly addressed by a vocal community.

Is RAID: Shadow Legends Worth Playing?

According to these community members, the answer is yes. if you like team battles and collecting characters, then RAID: Shadow Legends could be a must-play. Now Raid Shadow Legends is availabe cross platfom - both on mobile and on PC.

Raid Shadow Legends On PC

Raid: Shadow Legends

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