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Many say gaming started with arcades, progressed onto consoles, and has now settled on mobile devices. But throughout the industry’s ups and downs, one thing has been consistent: the popularity of the best games to play on PC.

Personal computers have always offered first-rate capabilities when it comes to gaming. This is why gamers are always looking out for new titles and why we regularly see a variety of top PC games released every year. With the increase in PC games download options because of digital distribution platforms, their popularity is only growing. But what makes the best PC games stand out?

Characteristics of PC games

From AAA titles to quirky indie games to free PC games download options, there is something for every type of gamer. While there is immense variety across PC game genres, the thing that distinguishes this platform is that it’s more geared towards ‘hardcore’ players.

The game design usually encourages longer gaming sessions unlike mobile games that focus on short bursts of fun. Since these games demand more mental investment, with steeper prices of premium titles and the actual physical effort needed to put the PC on, they try to deliver a bigger emotional payoff. So, the game levels are crafted to be time-consuming while the metagames are usually more complex. 

Despite the improvement of consoles, most experts agree that a PC game still offers the highest quality in gaming simply because the raw power that the best hardware can provide tops any console. Even if the game is ported over to consoles, players can usually only experience its full potential by playing it on a PC with maxed out specs. 

What Distinguishes the Best Games to Play on PC?

The best PC games stand out for a combination of reasons. They usually have optimized learning curves, presenting challenges of increasing difficulty so that players don’t find themselves bored after mastering the gameplay. Further, experienced developers of both premium titles and fun free PC games nowadays use their own data to identify the drop off points where players might feel too disheartened to continue so that they can be tweaked to give a more fulfilling experience.

The top PC games are also credited for their stunning visuals and careful rendering of textures and models. This realism tends to attract gamers who are interested in immersive gameplay. With decked out gaming desktops, players can truly appreciate all the little details in a PC game title far more than in any ported version of it on another device.

Genres that Boast the Best PC Games

The number of PC game genres and subgenres keeps growing every year. The best PC games, though, usually fall under the following:

Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games

These titles are all the rage lately. They offer the chance for enthusiasts to interact online with a large number of players. The best games in this category are those that foster more social interactions and encourage players to create memories by cooperating or competing with other gamers. They are also designed to be endlessly playable and are ever expanding, with developers constantly adding features and live ops events to keep fans engaged. 

A lot of the popular titles in recent years have embraced the free-to-play model, with several fun free PC games emerging in various subgenres:

  • Role playing games
  • First person shooters
  • Real-time strategy
  • Turn-based strategy
  • Collectible cards
  • Racing
  • Simulation


RPG or role-playing games are another very popular genre in PC gaming. In RPG titles, players usually control a character or collect them to form teams with the goal of levelling them up to achieve objectives.

The best RPGs often feature deep lore and draw inspiration from fantasy and sci-fi literature. Further, there are various subgenres of RPG games too, such as:

  • Sandbox RPGs
  • Survival RPGs
  • Tactical RPGs
  • Collection RPGs

Action games

First person shooters and fighting games have always topped the charts, with many of them becoming classics. These games were first developed for arcades, with companies then building on top of those concepts to create some of the best PC games. 

The titles typically focus on combat against opponents and are usually fast paced with a focus on delivering excitement. While we’ve mentioned two of the subgenres, there are some others that are also popular like:

  • Third person shooters
  • Team based shooters
  • Battle royale games
  • Platformers
  • Beat ‘em up games

Strategy games

These games challenge a player’s cognitive abilities and require foresight as well as tactical thinking to win. With the rise in online gaming, some of the best free PC games to play are from this genre.

In these games, you often need to manage resources, boost your finances, and get units to dominate your opponents. Like the others, there are many subgenres of strategy games too:

  • Auto-battlers
  • Grand strategy 
  • Real-time strategy 
  • Turn-based strategy
  • Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)
  • Tower defense
  • Real-time tactics
  • Turn-based tactics

Adventure games

In these titles, you must take control of the protagonist and lead them through a narrative. The best PC games in this genre are the ones that focus on interactive gameplay and a compelling story.

Premium adventure games are often inexpensive compared to other genres and are designed to take less time to complete. Players usually need to solve quests by exploring their surroundings using more simplistic game dynamics. 

The different sub-genres here are:

  • Point-and-click games
  • Interactive fiction
  • Puzzle adventure games
  • Environmental narrative games

Simulation games

Even if you are unaware of the best games on PC, you must have heard of sports games or flight simulator games. Simulation games usually retain a core audience despite the ups and downs of the market since they allow people to indulge their dreams and interests from home. The setting allows them to work their way to the top, combining a sense of achievement with something they love.

For example, in sports simulations, players have the chance to manage their favorite soccer or NBA teams. There are also life simulation games to play on PC, where the player starts with nothing and works to get fame, fortune, or just a happy family.

Many of the best free PC games in this genre even simulate flying, driving, and boating. Some are so sophisticated that the actual professions have adapted them for the early stages of their training.

In addition to the ones we noted, there are a few other popular simulation subgenres as well:

  • City building
  • Management games
  • Hunting games
  • Digital pet games
  • Medical simulators 

Find Enjoyable PC Games to Play Instantly

It’s interesting to examine just how far PC gaming has progressed over the last few decades. From more basic point-and-click titles to expansive virtual worlds, the gaming system presents opportunities for players of all types. Whether you are looking for PC games with free download options or are happy paying a premium, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

This sector of gaming is surely one to consider for anyone looking for some fun. If you’re curious and raring to get started, just scroll up to find some of the best PC games free to download. You won’t regret it!