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They might be accessible, they might be quicker, but they haven’t sacrificed their fun. Scout our catalog of browser games for something easy to pick up and impossible to put down!
Browser Games
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The great thing about the best browser games is that they're always only a few clicks away. While console games have their charm, there's always a few key questions. Do I have time to wait for the game to load? Is my controller charged? Is my console even working?! 

Most people have access to a web browser, whether for work, socializing, or casual web surfing, which makes browser games one of the most accessible types of games.

What Are Browser Games?

A browser game is something that you can play easily without having to install lots of software or insert any discs. Think of them as online games, no download required. All you need is a web browser. With that ease of access, it's no surprise that web browser games have become immensely popular. 

Why Are Browser Games So Popular?

There are several reasons why online browser games are so popular - here are just a few of those reasons.

  • You can load the best browser games in a matter of seconds, even if they're a highly-detailed browser MMORPG.
  • You can easily find free browser games, so there's no concern about cost.
  • As you can see at Plarium, there's tons of variety in browser games, from strategy titles to MMORPG browser games.
  • There are lots of browser games to play with friends, so you can enjoy the thrill of cooperating with your pals - or the thrill of beating them! 
  • When you play online games with no download required, you don't have to worry about having enough space in your hard drive.
  • You can even play mobile browser games, so you have flexibility when it comes to your chosen device.
  • You can easily play online browser games whenever you have a bit of spare time as the best browser games usually allow you to pick up right where you left off.

The History of Browser Games

As long as there have been browsers, developers have sought to create web browser games. Today, players are able to dive into the incredible graphics of a browser MMORPG, or lose themselves in the complexities of a strategy browser game. But what brought us to this stage?

The Creation of the First Free Browser Games

Browser games sought to make gaming accessible. Not everyone was able to purchase their own gaming console, but web browsers were naturally more readily available. Game developers endeavored to cater for this market of players by providing the best browser games possible with the available technology.

In the 1990s, that technology included Macromedia Flash and Java. Macromedia Flash was an animation tool that gave designers the ability to introduce frame-by-frame changes, with this program later becoming known as Adobe Flash and Adobe Animate. As for Java, it is a programming language that gave those 1990s developers a whole new foundation on which to build.

Java browser games became immensely popular in the late 1990s, with virtual versions of classic board games like chess and checkers attracting players in their thousands. Early Flash games tended to be tributes to some of the legends of the 8-bit gaming era, given that these were easy to emulate with limited animation tools.

Over time, developers found that they could begin to manipulate Flash more effectively to produce interesting and unique browser games, while others moved away from Flash entirely. Fans of the best browser games available on Flash were hit with some bad news when Adobe announced that 2020 would be the last year of the software. Have no fear, though - there are many browser games reliant on other technological formats, including HTML5 and WebAssembly. 

What Are Browser Games Like Today?

This brings us to browser games today, which will live on in a world without Flash. That’s not a problem though, as other formats give developers far more space to innovate. That innovation is a continual process, as the nature of browser games makes it straightforward for developers to introduce new features at any moment. There’s no need for players to download new updates, as changes to the game will be waiting for them in the web browser.

That consistent evolution of web browser games can often be monetized, with the games-as-a-service model an increasingly popular strategy in the industry. This sees players pay to be able to access new content quicker in browser games, whether that is so they can unlock a new level or get their hands on new items to use within the game.

Millions of players consider that to be a price worth paying, given that these browser games are now as expansive and as detailed as any console game. That said, many of the best browser games are still free and stay free throughout their existence, so you don’t have to pay a premium to find browser games with high-quality graphics and engrossing gameplay.

Modern developers are able to do bigger and better things within a web browser, producing releases with the type of high-quality graphics and complex gameplay that were once considered the preserve of console games. There are no longer any reasons why fun browser games can't match the scope and the visuals of their console counterparts, even in the case of mobile browser games.

What Makes the Best Browser Games?

The best browser games could be anything from online multiplayer browser games to single-player strategy games. However, there are a few characteristics to look for that many of the best browser games have in common.

Easy to Use

Browser games should always be quick to set up, as one of the big theoretical advantages of online browser games is that you don’t need to sit through massive downloads or slow loading times. It should also be simple enough to learn the gameplay so it’s possible for players to jump confidently into the action quickly.

Plenty of New Challenges

The best browser games should command plenty of replay value. That could take the form of an incentive to beat an existing score, or the lure of new features and live ops events. A browser MMORPG usually has no problem on this front, given that a slight change to a character’s customization can completely change the dynamic of the game. Other browser games have tackled this issue by embracing the games-as-a-service model.

Lots of Detail

Early web browser games used to feel quite limited in their scale, but modern online browser games are able to pack in lots of detail without compromising their ease of use. In a browser MMORPG, you want to feel like you can take plenty of different actions, each with their own set of consequences. In an MMORTS, you want more clan based strategies. Browser games today can react to player feedback and evolve accordingly to give more depth.

The Massive Variety of Browser Games

Whether you prefer online multiplayer browser games or single-player action, you can be sure that there are fun browser games to meet your needs.

Multiplayer Browser Games

MMOs are some of the finest browser games to play with friends. There's plenty of selection when it comes to online multiplayer browser games, so you and your buddies can experience whichever world takes your fancy.

RPG Browser Games

While it's always great to have browser games to play with friends, sometimes you want to lose yourself in a bit of independent excitement. That's where free browser games in the RPG genre shine, as these RPGs are some of the most immersive around.

Part of the thrill of MMORPG browser games is having plenty of customization options and a wide world to explore. The scope of the map can easily rival the most expansive console releases despite these online games requiring no download.

Strategy Browser Games

Strategy is one of the most common types of free browser games around. There's something alluring about sitting down at a computer (or sitting on your phone if you're playing mobile browser games) and getting stuck into a strategic challenge. Strategy browser games can even combine with elements of a browser MMORPG to provide a well-rounded gaming experience.

The Best Browser Games Are Just a Few Clicks Away

There might have been a time once when someone playing browser games would have a very different experience from someone playing on a console. That is no longer the case, with the best browser games today boasting cutting-edge graphics, distinctive characters, and fascinating worlds that demand to be explored.

These browser games can be loaded in a matter of moments, while multiplayer browser games help you to stay connected to your friends. Whether you're keen to try out MMORPG browser games or fun browser games in the strategy genre, you'll always be just a few clicks away from being able to lose yourself in the action.