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No matter your chosen platform, you’re sure to find game downloads aplenty. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find a game that isn’t downloadable in some shape or form, with most installation DVDs a mere token gesture at this point.

The games download infrastructure has come a long way over the past few decades, with the introduction of more widespread and reliable broadband internet connections as well as a greater array of non-wired mobile devices able to access them.

Many gamers specifically choose to download games over buying physical copies - except, perhaps, when one of those fancy special collectors’ edition box sets are on offer - and there are plenty of reasons to do so.

Why Download Games?

  • Instant delivery - As soon as you pay for a game it can be downloaded and played, sometimes within seconds if you’re blessed with a good internet connection.
  • Pre-downloads - You can download the game in advance so you can play it the moment it officially gets released.
  • Download games on demand - No need to go scrabbling through a load of boxes to find an old game; simply click install and your game will be downloaded shortly thereafter.
  • Pricing - A lot of downloadable games are cheaper than their boxed counterparts, and many are even a free game download altogether.

There used to be a definite stigma surrounding downloadable games - especially free ones. Contemporary game downloads are a different breed altogether, with many of them well on par with some of the best online games out there.

Whether you’re looking for a casual mobile game to play during your morning commute or something meatier to sink your teeth into in the evening, there’s plenty of games to download that’ll fit the bill.

Types of Downloadable Games

Gone are the days when you were lucky to get your hands on a decent game without leaving your house - the advent of downloadable games and game distribution platforms now leaves you spoiled for choice. For example: 

  • Action games - Fast-paced games that keep the action going and, if it’s a good one, keep you on your toes from the moment you boot up.
  • Adventure games - If you’re an explorer at heart on the hunt for wondrous creatures and mythical lands, this is the type of game download for you.
  • Fighting games - Perfect if you’ve got some aggression to work out and want to do so in a way that won’t get you in trouble.
  • Sports games - You can’t always be on the pitch yourself, but sports games are here to give you that thrill no matter where you are.
  • Racing games - Reckless driving is a criminal offense, but download the right game and you can go as wild as you want.
  • RPG games - Rich worlds, deep lore, and lots of loot to get your hands on; plenty of free-download games fit this category.
  • Strategy games - Great for the planners, thinkers, and multitaskers among us who like to do those things recreationally.

Games Download Recommendations

We’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend a few of our top titles from the games catalog. If you’re looking for a game to download and get stuck into immediately, why not take a look at: 

  • RAID: Shadow Legends - Plarium’s iconic epic fantasy collection RPG. With hundreds of champions, over a million builds, and eight game modes to sink your teeth into, there’s a reason so many people have downloaded this game.
  • Mech Arena - Want real-time mech combat? Then Mech Arena’s the game download for you. With myriad maps, game modes, and competitive tournament play for those who want to shoot for - and at - the stars, you won’t be disappointed.
  • Vikings: War of Clans - For the strategically minded among you, Vikings: War of Clans is a great choice. Combine building and resource gathering with brutal PvP as you compete for Odin’s favor and try to avoid being sent to Valhalla before your time.

Download Games Safely

For many, the mere phrase “download games” has less than legal connotations. However, these days you can happily download games for free without fear of malware or prosecution - as long as you get your game downloads from the right place.

In addition to digital distribution platforms such as Plarium Play, you can find top-class games on online storefronts run by big-name publishers and console companies as well as small indie games from publishers looking to launch their first projects. 

Even if you’ve gotten your base game legitimately, it can be tempting to seek out additional premium content for free - but this carries all the same risks as acquiring downloadable games from sources you shouldn’t.

Support your favorite developers, check out one of the many legitimate free game downloads, and most of all have fun out there on your quest to download games!