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If you look at the App Store alone, there are almost 1 million gaming apps with a majority of them available as free game downloads. Add Android devices, PCs, and gaming consoles, and the range of free games to download is truly vast. However, in an age where online games can be just as complex, entertaining, and accessible as their native counterparts, it raises the question of why players would want to download games?

Should You Download Games?

Research looking at the emergence of mobile gaming has identified four reasons people download games:

  1. With downloadable games you don’t need an internet connection to play. As long as you download games while you are connected, once they’re on your phone you’re free to play anywhere, anytime.
  2. A related point is that even if you struggle with slow internet speeds, free game downloads trump online games. With a game download, latency is a thing of the past.
  3. Online content is interruptible. When you download games, you have more control over when you stop and start, which is perfect for situations where you can only play in short bursts.
  4. A game download can often take full advantage of a device’s hardware. For example, if you download games on mobile, they can send you relevant push notifications to help you progress. Some mobile games also tap into a device’s GPS capabilities to provide AR gameplay features!

Researchers have also noted common traits that make these games appealing. These traits can be arranged into a three-part hierarchy:

Top Layer: Intent to Play

You have a clear intention when you download games: you want something that’s entertaining but easily accessible. Downloadable games are classed as “on demand” offerings - they can meet your intent as and when required. 

Second Layer: Psychological Perception

Online games don’t require any type of commitment. You can browse a games library, try something, and move on if you don’t like it. By contrast, even when you play games you download for free, there’s a sense that it will be enjoyable because you’ve chosen to download it. By installing a game, you make a commitment to it and the belief that you’ll enjoy it makes it more entertaining and rewarding. 

Third Layer: Technology

Any game download uses a device’s innate technology to create a better experience. That's not just the case with mobiles. When a player installs a downloadable racing game on their console or PC, it’s usually better optimized for smoother game performance. This can lead to a more immersive experience for players. 

What Makes the World of Premium and Free Games to Download Great?

Here are some traits the best premium and free downloadable games share:


Free game downloads can be fairly lightweight. However, some of the best downloadable games can be a sizable 10GB or more. That allows the game to be visually impressive, and have more depth and complexity than online games. So, the best online games even today struggle to match the graphics of the top downloadable titles. 


It’s now possible to play games and download free updates on any device. The increase in cross-platform compatibility also means that you can switch devices and still keep playing the same game. With the rise of mobile gaming, you can also access a wide variety of free games to download even when you’re on the move. This means that you can dip in and out as you please and play wherever you are since you don’t need an internet connection.


These games can be extremely complex because developers can cram a lot into a single download. The growth of digital game distribution platforms means that you don’t have to constantly buy new discs for games. Whenever a new level or feature is created, developers can easily make it available as DLC (downloadable content). The best games make good use of this to keep growing in order to provide endless entertainment.

What Genres Can You Play When You Download Games?

When you download games on any modern device, developers want you to get the best experience. So, today’s premium and free full games download sites are packed with options. Whatever you’re into, there’s something to suit you.

Some of the most popular genres you’ll find when you download games are:

Download Games the Right Way

As we’ve mentioned, there is a range of free games to download as well as others that you might have to pay for. It's important, though, that you don’t fall victim to scams or risk breaking the law by looking for free full games download options when the game is accessible as a premium offering through official game platforms.

An unofficial free game download might be incomplete, unstable, or contain viruses and spyware. If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Don't risk your device just to get premium game downloads for free.

In addition, trying to game the system and get premium content for free hurts the industry. Developers are able to produce better and better content based on the revenue they generate. If you enjoy games, it's better to support the community because that way you can help boost the future quality of games.

Nowadays, there are tons of free games to download online and, most importantly, they aren’t low quality. Even if a developer uses a free-to-play model and monetizes through ads or in-game purchases, the quality of free games you download can be just as good as premium titles. This gives you plenty of options to enjoy some great games at a price that suits your budget without risk. So, jump in and start gaming!