Stormfall: Saga of Survival

Dark Fantasy Survival RPG
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Scan the QR code to get the mobile version of this game

Game Description

You are betrayed.

Conspiracy and treachery have stolen your lands, your home, your titles… but not your life. Banished to a wasteland known only as the Eastern Marches, you must scrape together food, shelter, and what remains of your pride. The dangers of this land will not forgive the slightest mistake.

Hold close the embers of your revenge. Let them warm you when the cold comes. You will get your chance at redemption... but only if you live to see it.

Hunt to Survive

Countless exiles that have been banished to the Eastern Marches have disappeared forever. Not you. Secure sources of food and water by gathering the resources at hand. Craft what you need, improve your campsite, and tame your corner of the wilderness.

Fight For Your Life

Hunger, cold, and thirst aren’t the only dangers that exist beneath the tree canopy. Kill beasts and foul goblins to protect what is yours, and go on daring hunts against powerful monsters to obtain valuable materials. You were strong once. You will be strong again.

Learn Powerful Magic

Isolation can reveal truths that civilization is blind to. Runes will empower your tools and equipment, and ancient magic can wreak havoc on your enemies. But, beware the touch of Darkness - the Curse lingers in everyone, and it will claim you if you are not careful.

Seek Allies

The Eastern Marches are inhospitable, but they are not empty. Other exiles wander the woods, swamps, and plains you now must call home. Attack them to claim what they have gathered, or make alliances to protect yourself. Meet faction ambassadors and join factions to access valuable quests where you can aid the people of the Marches.

What you do to survive will be up to you! Now, gather your courage and stride forth.

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