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There truly is something for everyone in the gaming world right now, from action-packed shooters to casual puzzle-based titles. However, if you want something much more immersive and social, you can take a look at the world of online MMORPG games.

The best MMORPG games can be truly thrilling and, with free MMORPG games becoming popular, you don’t even have to pay to get started! 

While free MMORPG games for PC were more common a few years ago, nowadays there are many new MMORPG titles that can be played on mobile devices too without dipping into your wallet. 

What Are MMORPG Games?

MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing games. The titles are a type of MMO and involve players adopting a persona or controlling several characters within a virtual world. They then work to help their character or team level up and make progress towards their goals.

The top MMORPG titles are dependent on their active gaming communities, with players from all over the world taking part in the action simultaneously. Since much of the gameplay is built around social interactions, an online MMORPG cannot hope to thrive without a significant user base. Players can usually compete with each other through different game modes or cooperate by forming clans, which can give access to special events or extra rewards. 

Good MMORPG games are designed to maximize these interactions providing immense depth as you build upon them during gameplay. The best free MMORPG games in the last decade have usually done this by continuously introducing new clan-centred live ops events to excite their communities. Some new MMORPG titles, particularly in the collection subgenre, have gone one step further and even introduced multiple PvP (player vs player) modes to liven up gameplay!

The History of MMORPG Games

Online MMORPG games may be thriving at present, but they have actually been around for quite a while. Here we take a quick look at how this gaming genre has evolved to the point where the top MMORPG games are now played by people in every part of the globe.

How Online MMORPG Gaming Began

MMORPG games emerged as web-based offshoots of the RPG games that have been played in the real world for many years. The first networked game with a virtual world was made in 1974 and implemented over a serial cable before being adapted to work on the ARPANET. 

1980 saw the rise of MUDs (multi-user dungeon games), which are commonly considered as precursors of modern MMORPGs. In that year, students at the University of Essex developed the first multiplayer online role playing game and deployed it over the ARPANET. This MUD game was text-based, like many of the earliest top MMORPG games it inspired. The first online multiplayer RPG with graphics was launched in 1991, and since then the best MMORPG experiences have only become more sophisticated as time has gone by.

The graphics and quality of gameplay have improved immeasurably, while the spread of the internet has taken matters to a whole new level. The introduction of free to play MMORPG games in the late 90s made these games even more accessible, helping them reach a global audience. The immense popularity of this genre and the huge player communities in these games have led to the ‘massive’ element of MMORPG games.

What Do Premium and Free MMORPG Games Look Like Today?

These days, the browser MMORPG game landscape is both vast and exciting. New MMORPG titles as well as upcoming MMORPG games are full of innovations, with many of them blending elements from other genres into the format.

Further, new MMORPG monetization methods and an expanding base of players who can pay means that more and more free MMORPG games are available where you don’t have to shell out cash upfront but can make in-game purchases instead to customize your experience. In addition, browser MMORPG titles have managed to reach the quality of the best AAA games so you can enjoy a great experience without needing to allocate precious disk space. 

The online MMORPG space today is also particularly exciting because of the rise of new subgenres like:

Collection MMORPGs

This subgenre has exploded in popularity and it contains numerous upcoming MMORPG titles to look forward to. As the name suggests, these MMORPG games require you to collect tons of characters as well as items to level them up in order to compete in team-based battles. A unique feature of the top MMORPG titles in this subgenre is that they often have asynchronous PvP game modes where players don’t compete in real time. While you control your team when attacking, you don’t control it in battles where you’re defending. Instead, you choose your defending team and the AI conducts the battle against the attacking player.

Survival MMORPGs

Staying alive is the name of the game in this subgenre of MMORPG games online. You will often have to gather supplies and essentials in order to survive in a harsh or hostile environment as you take on AI opponents as well as other players. Item loss and degradation of items is a key mechanic of this genre since it incentivizes players to loot enemies and stimulates the creation of an in-game economy.

Sandbox MMORPGs

Some of the best free MMORPG options fall within this subgenre. These MMORPG games usually have sprawling open world maps and give you plenty of control in terms of your approach. Ultimately, you decide where you go and what you do. The entire player base is usually in the same persistent game world and the best sandbox MMORPGs often have developed living economies since crafting and trading are key features. 

What Makes the Best MMORPG Games?

There are many high-quality MMORPG games online these days, with an astounding number of upcoming MMORPG titles on the way too. This makes it difficult to choose which game to start playing. Good MMORPG games, though, usually tend to share a few key elements.

Great Graphics

Popular new MMORPG titles tend to have stunning graphics, and you’re sure to be impressed by the detail and quality of what is possible within them. High definition textures truly give the top MMORPG games an immersive look and feel.

Incredible Environments

The availability of such graphics means that the best free MMORPG games, just like good MMORPG titles that require payment, have very impressive thematic settings. Whether you plan to play the games for hours on end or simply want to dip in now and then, the best MMORPG games usually feature exciting worlds to give you a sense of immersion.

Cool Characters

Regardless of whether you opt for free MMORPG games for PC or otherwise, you can expect to see a whole host of intriguing characters as you play. The top MMORPG titles include hundreds of character options with numerous skills. Upcoming MMORPG games are also increasing character customization opportunities to give you greater say in how you tackle challenges and progress through the game.

A Community Feel

No matter whether they’re premium titles or free to play MMORPG games, you’ll get to interact with a number of other real people. Good MMORPG games always have tons of players, and you can choose whether you join forces with them or battle them instead!

Three Reasons You Should Try MMORPG Games

There are many different things you get to enjoy when playing both premium and free MMORPG games. Here are three reasons why you should give them a try today.

  1. Many themes have found a home in this genre so there’s something for everyone. While some browser MMORPG games make use of Viking themes or fantastical settings, other free MMORPG experiences could blast you into outer space.
  2. You have the choice of playing across mobile, console or PC when enjoying the best MMORPG games. While browser MMORPG titles were more common earlier, new games often have cross-platform compatibility.
  3. Free MMORPG games for PC and other platforms have become common, so you can often get a feel for good MMORPG titles without initially having to spend any money. With the free-to-play model becoming highly popular, expect many upcoming MMORPG titles to go down a similar route.

Discover a Whole New World with MMORPG Games Online

Role-playing games have been on a long journey, but they have found a natural home online with premium and free to play MMORPG games.

Thesegames can transport you to a whole new world and can be the perfect form of escapism at the end of a busy day. Whether you choose to sample an upcoming MMORPG or go for a browser MMORPG that is already out there, we’re sure you are in for a load of fun.