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Enter rich worlds with fascinating lore and enchanting gameplay! Made for the hoarder in you, our RPG games let you collect tons of fierce characters and level them up till your heart’s delight.
RPG Games
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There is nothing quite like playing your favorite game after a long day of work or studying. Gaming can provide a dose of escapism and take us away from the stresses and strain of the real world. With some titles, you can immerse yourself in another world entirely - enter RPG games.

Role playing games are about jumping head-first into a completely different environment and donning the role of various characters. These games have immense gameplay depth and the very best RPG games provide a level of immersion unmatched by any other genre.

What Are Role Playing Games?

At its core, RPG games are all about controlling one or several characters in a virtual world. Players usually have to help their character or team level up by completing tasks in order to progress towards their goals. 

It has been common for decades to see RPG games for PC and console devices. But these days, you can find good RPG games on smartphones and tablets too. In addition to their spread across devices, they have also become more accessible in terms of cost. There are many free RPG games available to play, with online RPG games growing in popularity fast. 

The History of RPG Games

We are used to seeing role playing games within the video gaming world, but their history goes back much further than that. Let’s take a brief look at how this genre emerged.

Offline Action

The story of RPG games begins offline, where they have thrived as table-top games since the 1970s. The top RPG games in this format use dice and statistic sheets to determine outcomes and how the characters move through a narrative. Players can also get access to different equipment and boost their powers as the action unfolds.

Some of the best role playing games offline have gone one step further. LARP, or live action role playing, has proven a hit with players dressing up as their characters, physically going through quests, and even sometimes engaging in mock combat.

Going Digital

RPG games clearly have a strong offline presence, but the concept has also had a big impact in video gaming since pretty much the very beginning.

Some suggest that the first console RPG games emerged in the early 1980s. Since then the whole genre has gone on to new heights, seeing steep improvements in the quality of graphics. The mechanics and depth of gameplay have also evolved significantly.

Further, technological developments have taken the top RPG games in an exciting direction in recent years, with online role playing games becoming highly popular.

The New Generation

The internet has had an impact on many parts of our lives, but gaming has undergone a complete transformation. Developers have combined the best RPG games with online services to thrilling effect. 

The result is MMORPGs. Massively multiplayer online role playing games not only give players the chance to take on a role, but also allow them to complete a variety of tasks within a vast online environment. In addition, online RPG games give players the chance to interact with a global community of players, either by working alongside them or competing against them.

It is also not uncommon to see free RPG games these days. This is because some online RPG games follow the free-to-play model, where players can access the core elements of a game for no charge. They then have the option of using in-app purchases to access new content or items to boost their experience.

What Are the Classic Characteristics of an RPG Game?

Whether we’re talking about online RPG titles or their traditional counterparts, they tend to share similar elements. Here are a few you can expect to see if you’re beginning your journey into online role playing games -

  • Character development: Taking on a role is key in RPG games. They give you a chance to grow and evolve your persona over time. Completing tasks lets you level up your character (or characters) and progress through the game.
  • Incredible lore: The best RPG games offer up exciting worlds that are rich with lore and backstory. This means that players can get fully immersed in the gaming experience.
  • Being Resourceful: Another key characteristic in both old and new RPG games is the focus on resources. Good RPG games have dozens of items to collect and they’re usually vital to building your power. Just like characters, items can also be upgraded making a progression loop that is endlessly rewarding.
  • Iconic Characters: The best role playing games tend to feature an impressive and diverse cast of characters, from battle-hardened warriors to incredible mythical beasts and beings.
  • Unreal environments: Vivid, fantastical landscapes and settings that you cannot wait to return to are a hallmark of the top RPG games. Fantasy has a big influence on online RPGs, but don’t be surprised to see other themes as well.
  • Play how you want: Many good RPG games are playable across a range of platforms. Free RPG games for PC are common, but you can find exciting new RPG games that can be played on mobile and console too with the same account.

Exciting Sub-Genres in the World of RPG Games

The best RPG games might share certain characteristics, but they can often be quite different from each other as well. Several sub-genres are thriving in this space at the moment and a few to look out for include:


The best role playing games in this sub-genre have taken RPGs to a whole new level of popularity. Open world games thrived initially, but other sub-genres such as collection MMORPGs have also now become hugely popular.

Action RPGs

If you’re looking for an action-packed experience, this sub-genre could be the one for you. The best RPG games of this type can give you a real thrill, with plenty of combat and adventure.

Tactical RPGs

These games blend elements from strategy games and can either be played in real time or have turn-based combat. Players often need to carefully consider every move when taking on enemies since each decision can lead to success or failure.


This sub-genre refers to games that feature specific key elements including turn-based play and the risk of permanent death to characters. Once your character dies, you simply have to start again. 

Sandbox RPGs

If you’re looking for the best RPG games with a high degree of flexibility, you could play a sandbox title. These games try to put the power in the hands of players, giving them the freedom to choose their path.

Head on an Epic Adventure with the Best RPG Games

RPG games may have started life as table-top and live action affairs, but they have become a fundamental and exciting part of video gaming in recent years. The genre is only growing with new RPG games launched every day, so there’s a lot to look forward to! Whether you prefer free RPG games for PC or your mobile device, we’re sure you will be in for an amazing experience.