iPhone Games

Your phone goes with you everywhere, so why not your entertainment? These slick iOS Games will chill in your pocket, ready for you when you’re ready for fun. Go for it!
iPhone Games
Raid: Shadow Legends

Epic Fantasy Collection RPG

Mech Arena

Real-Time 5v5 Mech Combat

Vikings: War of Clans

Frigid PvP Strategy Warfare

Throne: Kingdom at War

Medieval PvP Strategy Quest

Stormfall: Rise of Balur

Magical MMORTS Saga

Stormfall: Saga of Survival

Dark Fantasy Survival RPG

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

Rugged MMORTS Challenge

Lost Island: Blast Adventure

Breezy Match & Build Expedition

Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks

Aquatic Town Design Card Game

Alliance: Heroes of the Spire

Dynamic Collection MMORPG

Family Zoo: The Story

Furry Match 3 Madness

Terminator Genisys: Future War

Classic Sci-Fi MMORTS Conflict

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Total Domination: Reborn

Real-Time PvP Strategy Skirmish

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The number of games on the App Store continues to rise exponentially every year as developers offer new and exciting gaming experiences for iPhone and iPad owners. Today, more than 957 000 fun iPhone games are available through the App Store, with 500 new ones launched every day.

If you don’t have the time to sift through app reviews to find the best free iPhone games, scroll up as we have done the legwork for you. You’ll see that the top iPhone games shown above span a few different genres, so you can definitely find a title that suits you. 

Our list of the best iPhone games to sample is designed to be ideal for everyone! Whether you are new to iOS devices or have just upgraded your handset, you can find good games for iPhone there. But what makes these games stand out? Read on to learn more and to understand the differences between the various game genres available. 

What distinguishes the best iPhone games?

What ingredients do the best iPhone games have that the also-rans lack? We believe there is an exact science when it comes to designing and building good games for iPhone users and it revolves around the following four attributes:

“Pick-up-and-play” gameplay

When you only have 20-30 minutes to kill, you don’t want to play a game that requires hours or even days to master. You want quick, fun iPhone games that you can grasp easily. The best iPhone games have optimized learning curves so the difficulty doesn’t ramp up too fast. They allow you to pick where you left off and are designed for shorter gaming sessions so you can have some fun quickly, whether you’re taking a lunch break or are commuting.

Rewarding progression loops

Effective gameplay loops also enhance the pick-up-and-play appeal of iPhone games. In fact, the leading titles often succeed based on the design of their core loops. Progression loops usually operate according to the following cycle:

  1. Action – players carry out an action e.g. running, jumping, or fighting
  2. Reward – players receive an in-game reward e.g. points or coins
  3. Progress – players can use their in-game rewards to progress e.g. upgrade characters, features, or levels

Gameplay progression is at the heart of keeping you interested since it allows you to recognize how far you’ve come while teasing you with the next things to do. The top iPhone games use data analysis to perfect their progression loops in order to make them highly engaging and continuously rewarding. 

Crystal-clear visuals and audio

Some of the best free iPhone games have high-definition visuals and audio that can match the level of console games. This depends on the genre, of course, with some of them better suited to more casual, cartoony themes. However, the top action and adventure iPhone games tend to deliver hyper-realistic graphics that can transport you to a whole different world – at least until your lunch break is over.

Inexpensive for gamers

Casual mobile gaming has risen exponentially worldwide thanks to its inexpensive nature. A subtle inclusion of in-app purchases and the ability to upgrade to “premium” versions is fine, but most of the good games for iPhone owners today don’t cost a cent to enjoy. The best free iPhone games are at the top partly because they’re easily accessible. That’s particularly important for social games since it allows them to build up a larger community quicker.

The best iPhone games genres revealed

Fun iPhone games come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and genres. It's very unlikely that none of the leading iOS game genres below will take your fancy. Whether you are a sports fan, a creative wordsmith, or a strategist at heart, the App Store has something to match your personality. Here are some of the most popular genres you must try:

Strategy games

iPhone games developers have been inspired by the rise of strategy games for the desktop and have built a host of mobile strategy games, spanning everything from turn-based gameplay to city or civilization builder titles. These games are perfect for players who are looking for a cognitive challenge. 

Puzzle games

Obviously puzzlers are nothing new to those who already play iPhone games, but there’s no doubt they still have a special place on the smartphones of users across the globe. Building upon the immersive nature of board game puzzles, the best iOS puzzle games offer simple and intuitive gameplay, even if the puzzles themselves are anything but easy!

Shooter games

The ever-increasing accuracy and feedback from the touchscreen in iPhones make it possible to enjoy shooters just as much as "hardcore" desktop PC gamers do. The Battle Royale subgenre is definitely the first place to start if you’re looking for some action. It blends the combative elements of shooter games with survival games, requiring you to compete against other players to be the last person standing. There are also many exciting shooter MMO (massively multiplayer online) games that are team based, where you must cooperate to come out on top.

Role Playing games

If you’re looking for endless depth, RPGs are probably the best choice. While the genre has always been popular, it has exploded in recent years with the rise of the collection RPG subgenre, which boasts some of the best iPhone games today. All RPGs focus on character collection and levelling up but collection RPGs take it up a notch with hundreds of characters to collect and thousands of customization options. So, you always have something to do!

Adventure games

Touchscreen devices like iPhones have ideal interfaces for point-and-click adventure-themed games. It’s certainly the best way to transport yourself into these mythical and magical worlds and engage with new lands or characters physically as well as visually. One subgenre to look out for is the survival subgenre, which mixes exploration with the adrenaline rush of doing what it takes to stay alive!

Arcade games

Nothing says casual gaming more than an arcade mobile game. iPhone game developers that focus on these celebrate old-school gameplay, delivering a sense of nostalgia to your iPhones and iPads that few other genres can replicate. The top iPhone games for arcade gamers are certainly some of the best for providing fun for the whole family.

Sports games

Whether it’s apps modeled on your favorite sports video game franchises or simply games inspired by your sporting hobbies, there are plenty of engaging iPhone games in this genre that will get your pulse racing. Sports is certainly an evergreen genre that will always keep players coming back for more. 

Get started with the best free iPhone games

If you’re raring to get going, find the best iPhone games from a whole bunch of genres at the top of this page. iPhone gaming has never been so feature-rich or immersive as it is today, so what are you waiting for? Get involved and start downloading the best free iPhone games for your iPhone or iPad today!