Undersea: Solitaire Tripeaks

Aquatic Town Design Card Game
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Scan the QR code to get the mobile version of this game

Game Description

Fun and adventure await you under the waves! Join some fun fishy friends as they go on a quest to rebuild their shattered home.

Assist your best friend, Alfred the Crab, as you try to reconstruct the quiet underwater town of Rocky Bottom after a terrible storm. Jump into 2500+ tricky Solitaire levels so you can gather up what you need to construct buildings, clear ruins, and bring ever more fun characters to your growing town!

Sail into Solitaire

Play the best Solitaire levels you’ve ever seen! Deal with crazy card configurations, forcing you to pick carefully and examine the whole board before you commit. Overcome tricky blockers, like foam that covers cards or a bomb that’ll blow your deck to smithereens if you can’t disarm it! Every level is a mental puzzle that’ll set your mind racing.

Use Powerful Boosters

Desperate to see the next part of the story? Tired of fighting with a particular mission? Or, just like seeing the shiny colors when they go off? Whatever your reason, whatever your need: you can use one of our many Boosters to clear your way and have some fun!

Build Your Town

Rebuild the ruined town of Rocky Bottom YOUR way! Choose between hundreds of options and complete renovations to make Rocky Bottom your home. There’s nothing like having a tough project really come together!

Meet New Friends

As you go through 600+ story quests to rebuild your town, meet tons of strange and delightful undersea characters along the way. A crabby companion, a diva of an angelfish, an octopus professor - and those are just to name a few! 

Discover a new world under the sea!

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