Lost Island: Blast Adventure

Breezy Match & Build Expedition
Scan the QR code to get the mobile version of this game
Scan the QR code to get the mobile version of this game

Game Description

Guess what? Today is your lucky day! You’ve managed to snag the deed to a Lost Island of your very own.

Make new friends and explore ancient ruins as you rebuild your new island, but keep your eyes peeled - there’s something strange about this island of yours. Take a ride through a world of magic, mystery, and ancient secrets on your way through Lost Island: Blast Adventure!


See incredible places, meet wild new creatures, and make new friends of every shape and size. Gather clues as well as allies, but be careful - there’s more than tropical beauty beneath the trees. The story of Lost Island is thick with mystery and excitement around every corner!


Lost Island is in pretty rough shape. Gardens, pools, flowers, mansions - there are all kinds of improvements to be made. YOU choose how your island will look, and what you’re going to fix up first.

Puzzle Action

Earn what you need to restore your little paradise by solving intense match 3 blast puzzles, each one loaded with tough blockers and clever tricks. Use powerful boosters to break through even the most unbeatable traps!

Events and Challenges

Keep your puzzling skills sharp with all the new events and timed challenges that sweep over the island on a regular basis. There’s always something new to try in Lost Island: Blast Adventure!

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