Merge Gardens

Match & Merge Gardening Game
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Scan the QR code to get the mobile version of this game

Game Description

After inheriting her missing uncle’s estate, it seems Daisy suddenly has a lot of work on her hands. However, she soon finds out there’s more to this run-down old mansion than meets the eye, with untold mysteries concealed within its crumbling walls and overgrown gardens. Play as Daisy and prepare to get your hands dirty in more ways than one in Merge Gardens!

Restore and Explore

Relax and channel your creativity by restoring the mansion’s gardens. Grow your green thumb and your planting plot by clearing Evergrowth and revealing new areas. Root out secrets and collect rare creatures to live in your garden.

Merge and Match

Challenge your mind and merge three of a kind to reach beyond the confines of your garden. The more you complete, the more you can evolve and expand your garden as well as discover hundreds of new items and creatures.

Solve Puzzles

Try your hand at hundreds of match-3 puzzles, racking up dizzying combos by blasting 3D blocks and earning rewards for your ever-growing garden.

Discover Mysteries

Myrtlegrove Estate is home to an awful lot of strange things: curiously human-shaped topiary, peculiar plants whose roots stretch far beyond the garden’s walls, and clues to the strange circumstances of long-forgotten ancestors. You’ll have to work your way through Merge Gardens’ many puzzles to figure them out!

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