Family Zoo The Story

Furry Match 3 Madness
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Scan the QR code to get the mobile version of this game

Game Description

Your love of animals has finally found a place to shine. Here, you can build a zoo, play with cute animals, and beat a whole bunch of crazy match 3 levels - all at once! Bounce back and forth between clearing fun match 3 challenges and welcoming furry new friends to your brand new zoo.

You’d better get to work soon, though.

There are greedy eyes coveting your family’s land. Do you have what it takes to restore your legacy and save the poor animals under your care? 

Embark on an Adventure

Your family’s zoo was once a prize jewel, but it’s come upon hard times. Now, the city wants to tear it down and put up a hulking supermarket instead. Foil their plans and see your family zoo restored to its former glory!

Solve Fun Puzzles

Pit your wits against hundreds of match 3 levels! Overcome tough puzzles and beat tricky blockers to show that you’re up for the task. Walk away from your victories with loads of rewards you can use to restore your zoo!

Rebuild Your Family Zoo

This zoo is YOUR creation. Choose between thousands of options as you welcome dozens of exotic and adorable animals. Build stands, cafes, and all kinds of other attractions to bring in extra revenue and more guests to your zoo. Customize the appearance of your decorations with the hard-earned materials you get from all the match-3 madness!

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