Lead your viking armies to victory as you reclaim the North! Build your legacy with Vikings: War of Clans today!

The Reign of Vikings

Wet your axes and steel your spirits! Jump into Vikings: War of Clans now to engage in epic battles and conquer the North!
History is written by the victors! Fight for the Throne and the title of King in Plarium's medieval MMORTS!

Winner takes all!

Kings do not compromise! In the struggle for absolute power, the end justifies the means! Challenge thousands of noble Lords and let your sword quench its thirst for enemy blood! Here begins your journey to conquer the world of Throne: Kingdom at War!
Build your City and crush your rivals! Relive the glory of Ancient Greece and play Sparta: War of Empires now!


Join Sparta: War of Empires and rally your warriors against Xerxes’ rule! End the relentless onslaught of his brutal Persian army! Heed the counsel of Leonidas, win the favor of the gods, and become Archon of the greatest fighters this world has ever seen!
Fortify your Castle, build an army, and march against the forces of evil! Join now and become the Hero!


Step into Stormfall: Age of War for an epic journey through the lands of Darkshine. Train elves, dragons, and more to defeat Balur's evil minions! Defend your Castle, strategize victory, and immerse yourself in a world of dark fantasy in this magical strategy game!
Strap on your eyepatch and set sail for riches in Pirates: Tides of Fortune! Plunge into a life at sea today!


Wonder where all the rum has gone in Pirates: Tides of Fortune! Pillage, plunder, and loot every ship that crosses you in the Seven Seas! There’s plenty of tact, planning, and diplomacy required - that’s pirate-speak for “improvise!” Play this jolly MMORTS now!
Fight to take control of the war-torn nation of Zandia! Build a Base, create an army, and fight for supremacy today!


Put your leadership skills to the test in Soldiers Inc., where your army of elite soldiers will fight tooth and nail for survival. Ration your limited resources, build a powerful defense, and wage full-scale war in Zandia!

Latest updates

The arrival of tier VI warriors has signaled the dawn of a new era — an era of furious battles. By subduing the violent rage of these fighters, Jarls will acquire unprecedented power!

Obstacles on the path to absolute greatness are falling one by one: from now on, warriors of the North can upgrade buildings in the Town to higher levels and study three new Knowledge categories in the Oracle.

In addition, there are now even more checkpoints in Competitions. Passing each of them grants incredibly lavish trophies: bonuses, speedups and Gold!

Spartan warriors can now upgrade their Buildings to higher levels and make their Cities ever more powerful!

The long-awaited Pantheon Massacre Event has begun in Sparta. As soon as it comes to an end, each Archon will be able to revive 90% of the Units lost during the Massacre in PvP battle at Pantheons for FREE! If you cannot wait until the Event’s completion, those 90% can also be revived with Drachmas while the Event is running. The rest of your fallen warriors can be revived in the Infirmary as usual.

The Spartan Allegiance mechanics have changed! You no longer need to log into the game every day to get the next reward. Your Spartan Allegiance Reward will not reset – you will pick up where you left off, whenever you next visit Hellas!

Alpha Assailants are in the Kingdoms! Fight against the mightiest enemies for valuable Assailants’ materials and jewels, including specimens that you haven’t seen before.

You can also now upgrade the Order Citadel buildings to level 2 and Town buildings to level 31.

79 Studies have been added, including a brand new "Hero" development branch. It will help turn your warlord into a deadly opponent!

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Game Updates

General T. Winters

Update News! Check Out the New Features Now! STRATCOM SECURE TRANSMISSION Commanders! This week, we’ve fixed some bugs and made some important updates: - A problem that caused Bioplasma Packs (1000) from the Black Market to be applied incorrectly has now been fixed. - The "Joint Attack" button was mistakenly displayed in the Bunker interface. This has now been fixed. - The Offense and Defense icons on the Tracking Panel have been changed to provide more clarity. - The Unit Training Boost Discount is now applied correctly when all Training Queues are boosted at the same time. - We have added a tooltip to the Tournament Rankings window, which is shown if you hover over the number that indicates Tournament Points a player has collected. The tooltip shows the number of Tournament points in full numeric form. - In certain instances, players did not receive Champion Items from Infestations. This has now been fixed - all Infestations now yield Champion Items. - Discounts are now applied properly to Sector Improvements. - UI improvement: the icons of some Black Market Items overlapped the Item names. This has now been fixed. - A problem that caused issues with filtering Diplomatic Reports has been fixed. - A message will now appear in the Clan Chat when Clans set their diplomatic status to "At Peace". Enough chatter - we've business to take care of! Our intelligence operatives have picked up signs of Mutants on their surveillance channels. There's no time to waste - we need to move quickly. Ready your troops and move out! END MESSAGE STRATCOM SECURE TRANSMISSION

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