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Works smoothly on devices with Intel / AMD processors running Windows 7 or later and macOS Catalina or later

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Plarium Play is the perfect free gaming platform for any desktop. PC Gamer? Adore your Mac? Either way, we've got cool games you'll love.

Never stress again over losing your progress by syncing it with your account. Level up with our light and secure app!

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Enjoy awesome HD graphics at smooth framerates. Run multiple games so you can progress quicker. Play all your favorite titles, all at the highest settings, without a hitch.

Get automatically updated downloadable content. Be the first to be notified about new games as they come online.

Connect With A Worldwide Player Community

Plarium Play isn't just a platform for videogames. Find friends to play your favorite games with, chat with other users online, and share your achievements.

Build your gaming group and be a part of our worldwide player community!

Why didn’t they tell me I could play Vikings on my phone AND PC?!
I’m leading my Spartans and playing 3 other games!
Cool story. I’ve got awesome new graphics in RAID on my PC
A Platform for Gamers

Try Plarium Play for a superior, seamless gaming experience. Play all your favorite games in a single app and connect with an active worldwide gaming community!