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In the realms of high fantasy, elves are always among the most respected races. That's whether they're in Middle-earth, Abeir Toril, Tamriel, or Azeroth. Regal, wise, magical, and skilled in battle, elves are among the most interesting beings in any game.

It makes complete sense that you’d want to walk the world of fantasy as an elf, then. To do so, you'll need to embrace the race’s ways and carry a name akin to that of the elves. 

Use our elf name generator to find the perfect name for your character. The information below will help guide your elven name choice.

How to emulate elf-kind

Playing as an elf goes beyond just picking a character with pointed ears and flawless skin. As an elf, you may be at one with nature, wise and calm in all situations, but also tremendously skilled in battle.

Archery is the notorious weapon of choice for elves. However, many become skilled in the art of swordplay through their centuries of existence. We also expect elves to be able to harness magic for healing or harm.

Your elf name generator selection needs to relay all of these aspects to stand you as an honorable member of elf-kind.

The classic lore powering the elven name generator

As a rule, elf names need to relay sophistication, beauty, and connection to the elements. The father of fantasy, J.R.R. Tolkien, devised two primary tongues of elves.

Quenya is elvish Latin, lending itself to a high elf name generator. Elves use it primarily in conjuring or magic and in poetry. Sindarin derives from Quenya and is more commonly used for naming.

Female and male elvish names make use of different prefixes and suffixes in Tolkien’s perfectly created languages. Combining Sindarin prefixes and suffixes to generate an elvish name can help you select the perfect creation from the elf names generator.

Using the elf name generator based on your characteristics

Fantasy lore tells us that the long-lived elves are given several names through their time from their father, mother, and for great deeds.

A great deal of elvish naming convention is based on characteristics. So, if you want to be a more mystical wielder of elf powers, choose a name that reflects magic, light, and perhaps healing. If you wish to be an elf who has won many battles, select a name that reflects your strength, endurance, and heroism.

Using Sindarin, a noble male name from an elven name generator would be Aranion, which means "son of king". The elvish name generator result of Saelanor is female, translating to "wise sun". 

Many elven name generator results reflect elegance, wisdom, and strength. The best way for you to pick your elf name is to decide on your characteristics and then use our elf name generator.

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