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How to Make a Gaming Logo

If you take gaming seriously and want to make a gamer logo, we have just the right tool for you. Follow our how-to to use our gaming logo maker for free and complete it in three easy steps.

Create Your Gaming Logo

Start by entering your name into the gaming logo maker, or use your gamer tag or clan. If you have a tagline or slogan, add these to the free gaming logo maker. Select your desired gaming logo.

Customize It

Once you have the game logo you prefer, you can customize it. Our gamer logo maker allows you to edit the color, layout, fonts, and icons and has a few other special features you can use to make it distinct.

Download Your Gaming Logo

Now you know how to make a gaming logo for free, you just need to download it. If you want it without the watermark, then download and play RAID: Shadow Legends or any other of our games, and you will receive it in your inbox as a PNG.
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Gaming Logo Tips & Tricks



You need to choose a color that reflects your attitude and style of play. Are you a calm, or a chaotic, fast-paced daredevil? The palettes you use will help tell people before they even watch your stream.


Always remember to test your logo in different games and on different screens. Keep scalability in mind. The more minimal a logo is, the better it will be and easier for people to remember. Try out a few on the gaming logo maker free service before deciding on the best one.

Typography / Fonts

A font is as important as a color scheme when showing off your character. The typeface reflects who you are, the games you play, and how you choose them. Linking to the design aspect, try to pick something readable and not too complicated in the games’ logo maker.

Symbols / Icons

Symbols and icons chosen in the game's logo maker tie the thing together. Ideally, they should identify you without even having words or taglines. Choose something unique and reflective of your personality once again.


1. How Does a Gaming Logo Maker Work?

Our gaming logo maker tool is free and easy to use. Once you have selected one of our templates as a starting point, you can download it right away. Additionally, if you want a more unique feel, you should use our logo editor. This will allow you to change the fonts, colors, layout, and background.

2. How Do I Find the Right Gaming Logo?

Knowing how to make a good gaming logo that reflects your identity is tough. Think about your playing style and how you can reflect it in the typeface, design, and color scheme. You should also try to keep it simple. Too much design work and additions will go unnoticed, as gamers are often living life in the fast lane. Something simple will be more likely to stick in people's memory.

3. Can I Download My Gaming Logo Instantly?

You can download the logo instantly with a watermark. To remove the watermark, download and play RAID: Shadow Legends, and you will get it in your inbox at no cost. Your gamer logo will be ready to go!

4. Do I Get My Gaming Logo in Vector Format, PNG, or a Transparent Version?

The game logo without a watermark will get sent to your inbox as a PNG. To get a transparent version of your gaming logo, there is an option within the gaming logo creator to download it as a PNG. You can then use this to develop it on photo editing software further if that's your thing.

5. Why Is Your Gaming Logo Maker Free?

Because we like to help the gaming community! Any gaming logo template can be chosen on the gaming logo maker, and all our tools can tweak it as much as you want before you download it for free.

6. Can I Use Your Gaming Avatar Maker for Twitch, YouTube or Mixer?

Once you've decided and created something in the game's logo maker, you can use your game logo wherever you like. This could be on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, or any gaming group online. You can even use the games logo creator to make your gaming avatar for any of your favorite games, including RAID: Shadow Legends.