Game Name Generator

Many games give you a chance to take on a whole new identity and, alongside that, a brand new name too. But, just how can you go about creating cool names for games? Our handy game name generator is here to help!

Top tips for a great game name

Some people find it easy to come up with cool game names, but others can really struggle. If you fall into the latter category, read on to find out more.

Be unique

Whether you’re looking for funny game names or male fantasy names, your choice should help you stand out from the crowd – so be unique. Perhaps go for a more personal touch using a specific aspect of your personality.

Play it cool

Some wordplay or a reference to a specific part of geekdom that only certain gamers will understand may attract attention. Perhaps most importantly, having cool names for games may make you memorable.

Common sense approach

One potential pitfall with the above is that you could end up overthinking a game name. If that happens, our gaming name generator is here to help. Keep it short, simple, and use a bit of common sense. For example, you might want the name to reflect the strength or wisdom of your characters.

Play it for laughs

We all love to laugh, and you could use the game name generator to create an identity that features an in-joke or a play on words. Using humor in your game name can make you memorable.

Get the game name for your genre

Gaming is a vast place these days, so look at the genre of your choice and how that could influence your use of the game name generator.

If you’re into action games, is there a phrase you could use that relates to action themes or a fast-paced feel? If adventure games are more your thing, could your quests or battles inspire a name?

If you prefer role-playing, you could take name inspiration from the realms and landscapes of your RPG world, ensuring you fit in with the timeline, the gameplay and the other players you’re likely to meet. In the case of strategy, your choice of name could reflect your expertise in a certain part of strategy games or your main skills.

Food for thought

Game names are so important nowadays, but it's not always easy to come up with the best wording. Our game name generator and tips can help you on your way to picking the perfect name and using it to perfect your game. And, if you really like your new name, why not combine it with our gaming logo maker?

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