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Go toe to toe with the best of them in our PvP games, and show everyone what you’re made of. There’s nothing as satisfying as crushing your friends and hearing the lamentations of their avatars!
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If you’re new to the world of online gaming, the acronym PvP might not yet be familiar to you. PvP stands for Player Versus Player – games where players can compete in real-time against one another online. 

They differ from traditional games where players take on obstacles or go head-to-head with AI-controlled enemies, attempting to outthink and outsmart their computer programmed opponents. Situations such as these where you have AI opponents are known as PvE, or Player Versus Environment. 

If you ask us, PvP is just more fun since there’s nothing like the pleasure you get from beating your friends. In case you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of PvP gaming, read on to find out more!

The Evolution of PvP Games

The origins of PvP games date back as far as the classic multi-user dimension (MUD) games on PCs. These were largely text based, but we’ve come a long way since then, and the current ones have many different modes and come in a wide variety of genres.

Initially, PvP games could only be played on Local Area Networks (LAN), but they have gained more popularity as online multiplayer features have become feasible with MMO (massively multiplayer online) games leading the charts these days. Playing online allows you to compete with gamers in all four corners of the globe without ever even leaving the comfort of your own chair.

Today, PvP games are available on both PCs and mobile devices. With the rise of 4G connectivity, the best PvP mobile games provide a seamless experience to match any of the top PC titles. Over the years, two overarching types of PvP gameplay have also emerged:

  • Asynchronous PvP
    Players are either matched with an AI-controlled opponent chosen by another player, or they are matched with someone real but the interaction between the players doesn’t occur in real-time.
  • Synchronous PvP
    Players are matched against one another in real-time and compete simultaneously. Synchronous PvP games are the purest form of PvP gaming, and have been around since long before video games. Any board game where players go head-to-head can be considered PvP.

Some of the best PvP games around today incorporate both synchronous and asynchronous gameplay modes to give players a variety of playing options. Take the strategy genre as a prime example. There is a whole host of strategy games out there that have adopted a “multi-PvP” approach to their gameplay. This means there are several ways to compete against other players, not just one on one. 

GameRefinery found that almost a third (32.6%) of the top 100 grossing iOS games incorporated multiple PvP modes within their gameplay. Multi-PvP gaming caters to both casual and competitive gamers. Players are able to pick and choose the type of mode they prefer, or they can just enjoy all modes available to them.

Another interesting trend to note has been the increasing number of PvP features in other genres. While PvP games have traditionally been combat based, even the genre of casual games now has its share of modes.

With the rise of free-to-play game mechanics, you’ll also find that there are now a lot of free online PvP games available. So, you can jump in and see how you like them without breaking the bank.

Core Characteristics of PvP Games

If you are still unsure about whether these games suit your gaming style, read on as we outline the main characteristics of the best PvP games:

Perfect for Feeding Your Competitive Nature

There is a reason why the leading free online PvP games have gone on to become eSports giants. Objective-based first-person PvP games offer no middle ground between success and failure – you either win or you lose. It’s this thrill to compete and be the best out of your friends, family, or gaming cohort that has driven the success of the best PvP games, PC based or otherwise.

Unrivalled Engagement and Interaction

Unlike in PvE titles where it’s just you against the computer, it always feels like there is more on the line when you’re competing in a PvP game. Your opponent will scrutinize and challenge every move you make and vice versa, so the strategy you come up with feels more vital, especially in the best PvP games.

Multiple Game Modes Foster Team Camaraderie

Usually, the best PvP games get you to team up with other players to overcome rivals, making the game all the more engaging. These multiplayer modes where you work together with a team of other players create a sense of community and togetherness. With multiple PvP modes becoming more popular, games are giving players more scope to feel this sense of camaraderie. Some games even have all-out “clan wars” against rival clans where you get to watch your team rise to the top of the rankings.


Online PvP games don’t come more adrenaline-fuelled than shooters. If you’re on a map competing Battle Royale style, there are few greater thrills than fighting to be the last player standing. Team-based shooters that require you to cooperate as part of a team in a 4 vs 4 or 8 vs 8 mode are also some of the most engaging games. Shooting down the opposition is great, but it’s even better when your teammates congratulate you on a job well done!


In the role-playing game (RPG) arena, the addition of PvP modes can add an extra dimension to gameplay. You can develop your characters in PvE modes before challenging other players online or embarking on quests to discover other players to test your skills against.


Whether it’s turn-based or real-time strategy, the chance to put your tactics to the test against other players in a PvP situation is one aspect that gives this genre its huge popularity. Figuring out how to beat seemingly more powerful opponents can be quite satisfying. Many of these games are available for free so they’re easily accessible for any new gamer.


Prefer the idea of one-on-one combat? There are many PvP games available in the fighting genre, spanning boxing and MMA through to those inspired by the old-school beat ’em up sub-genre.


PvP gaming would be missing something if it didn’t offer you the chance to burn rubber against other petrol heads. Mobile and desktop racing games offer plenty of opportunities to race other drivers, be it in real time races or time trial modes.


It’s a similar story with sports-themed games. There are a whole bunch of free online PvP games where you can hone your skills on the field and compete against other players in real-time, by either controlling the athletes directly or by managing them to victory.


Whether it’s board games, trivia, or puzzle games, a PvP format adds an extra competitive or cooperative dimension to your gameplay. This is great if casual games are more your thing and you also want to know you’re the best at it. Since the casual games genre as a whole is extremely popular, it’s no wonder that some of the best PvP mobile games are actually casual games!

Discover Today's Best PvP Games

Knowing now that online PvP games come in a huge variety of genres, you can get even more from your gaming experiences! Scroll up and try some of the best PvP games PC and mobile devices have to offer. Simultaneously challenge and excite yourself with free PvP games that offer more satisfaction than games where you merely compete against AI-controlled opponents.