Soldiers Inc.: Mobile Warfare

Rugged MMORTS Challenge
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Scan the QR code to get the mobile version of this game

Game Description

The world’s not what it used to be. War grips the globe, and nowhere has been gripped harder than in Selva de Fuego. Private armies march through gang-infested territory, with no clear victor on the horizon. It’s a terrible place to live… but it’s the perfect place for you to get rich. Form your own PMC and fight for your fortune in Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare.

Establish a Foothold

Build up your little corner of Selva de Fuego. Establish your resource operations to import fuel, munitions, and rations, and improve your recruitment and fortifications to protect your base. Wars are won with resources, so make sure you’ve got enough!

Access Advanced Technology

It’s going to take more than sticks and stones to win this war. Research new Tech to improve your existing forces, and bring new, more powerful units into the fight. Upgrade your resource efficiency, expand your base, and unlock deadly traps for unsuspecting attackers.

Fight PvP Battles

Selva de Fuego is thick with hostiles, and some of them are as aggressive as you are. Contest other players over valuable resources, attack enemy bases to steal their supplies and cripple their armies, or bombard them from afar using powerful missile strikes.

Join an Alliance

It’s tough enough just to exist in Selva de Fuego. No reason to make it tougher by going it alone. Find allies in your fellow PMCs, join in coordinated assaults on enemy strongholds, request support to speed up construction or research, and defend your friends to present a united front. Become the strongest force there is in Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare!

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