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MMO Games
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What are MMO games?

The term ‘MMO’ stands for massively multiplayer online. Thanks to today’s super-fast connectivity, it is easier than ever to connect and compete against one another online – hence the exploding popularity of MMO game titles. Many of the popular MMOs are designed and built as open-world environments, allowing players in all four corners of the globe to compete with and against one another to meet common goals.

Nevertheless, there is so much more to MMO game titles than competing against or collaborating with other gamers. You can:

Experience a sense of community and belonging

Some people consider an MMO game to be the ultimate place to meet and chat with like-minded gamers. With the ability to form ‘clans’ – groups of fellow gamers – you can foster a genuine sense of community. Working together to complete challenges and receive rewards is hugely satisfying. You can even play MMO games with friends or family members online, no matter how many tens or hundreds of miles away they are!

Fit your favorite MMO games around your lifestyle

The beauty of MMO games is that they have just as much pick-up-and-play appeal as casual mobile games. They will always be there whenever you’re ready. You don’t need to dedicate hours at a time to your favorite MMO games. You can load up and play short bursts of any MMO game as and when it fits your lifestyle.

Enjoy the feeling of progression and achievement

If you were to ask hundreds of MMO gamers why they enjoy these games, the majority would say that they get genuine satisfaction from racking up achievements and improving their standing. The constant sense of fulfilment through meeting small goals hits something deep in the human psyche. The gamification of levelling up characters and benefitting from improved game features is often a major motivator among players of popular MMOs.

Immerse yourself in a virtual world

Immersiveness is another reason MMO games are so popular among online gamers. Firstly, MMO gamers can usually experience and discover a world full of lore. Further, by emphasizing social interactions, MMOs encourage players to become part of a bigger story when they play with their clans. For example, a character’s contribution to win a tight deathmatch might help to build their aura within the clan. Many players find that even after a few months they might discuss particularly epic clan battles with their allies, making it its own sort of lore.

Attributes that characterize the best MMO games

There is a rich and varied landscape of MMO games, but what do the most popular MMOs have in common?

Hyper-realistic visuals and audio

The leading developers of popular MMOs have invested heavily in creating an authentic gaming environment, underpinned by realistic visuals and audio that compare favorably with many of the leading desktop PC titles.

They often achieve this by designing and building dedicated motion capture studios and employing state-of-the-art motion matching techniques that help to create more natural character movements. Physically based material rendering (PBR) systems are also used to help render photorealistic imagery and foster virtual environments that replicate facets of the real world.

A form of escapism

The most successful MMO game titles tend to offer immense gameplay depth that creates a sense of escapism that few other gaming genres can compete with. Popular MMOs are usually designed to be played for years. The adoption of the games-as-a-service model means that developers are constantly adding new features and making the game richer.

Combine this with the fact that the best MMOs often have a world full of lore and huge active communities means that they often function as their own little evolving world. Some MMOs even have developed living economies! As a result, these games can be the perfect escape from the real world.

The ability to make friends with like-minded MMO gamers worldwide

When you immerse yourself in a top MMO game, you can benefit from a huge worldwide community of like-minded gamers with whom you would never normally get a chance to socialize. The best MMO games keep running events and introducing features that encourage more clan interaction. This helps players bond and build memories together. Some developers even sponsor real-life clan gatherings where players can get a chance to meet their allies face to face!

The breadth of MMO games available online today

  • Role-playing
    MMORPGs are one of the most popular types of MMOs. Traditionally, you would assume the role of a virtual character in a persistent digital world, taking total control of its actions within the game. Themes in MMORPGs tend to range from the fantastical and mythical to crime or sci-fi. Recently, the collection MMORPG subgenre has exploded in popularity too. These games require players to focus on collecting and upgrading teams of characters for battles.
  • Shooter games
    A typical shooter MMO game is action-packed and often requires players to compete in a team-based format. Shooters require a greater element of skill since success is dependent on your accuracy and your ability to survive opponent attacks. MMO shooters range from first-person shooter games to vehicle based shooters where you may control a tank or a fighter plane.
  • Real-time strategy
    Usually based within a persistent virtual world, real-time strategy games typically continue your progress even when you are offline. Whether they’re boasting sci-fi or historical settings, these games give you the chance to take charge of armies or civilizations and lead them to domination.
  • Turn-based
    Turn-based MMO game titles see dozens, if not hundreds of gamers enter the same online playing field. Each player uses their turns to advance towards their goals. All turns are usually scheduled to take place within a predetermined “tick” schedule which resets the number of permitted actions after a certain time period to ensure progression.
  • Simulations
    This genre covers MMOs inspired by the real world. In sport-themed MMO games, you take control of individual athletes or even take the helm as an overarching coach to win trophies and titles. There are also life simulation MMO game titles where you can socialize with friends, meet strangers, and even attend virtual concerts!
  • Casual
    Casual MMO games are typically designed to be easy to pick up and play, requiring less of a time commitment to hone your craft. The gameplay of the most popular casual MMOs blend adventure and puzzle-based gaming. MMO collectible card games are also a popular sub-genre.

Enjoy these free-to-play MMO games on any desktop or mobile device

Not only can you enjoy most of the above MMO game genres without paying a cent, you can sample them across a broad spectrum of devices too. Whether you want to play a browser-based MMO game on PC or Mac or a native app MMO on mobile devices powered by Android or iOS, you can immerse yourself in MMO games online however and whenever you want.

Just get yourself a reliable Wi-Fi or secure 4G connection and start playing MMO games online for free!