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The games industry rarely sits still. Innovation fuels every new game and furthers the evolution of the sector. With a thousand new games launched every day on Google Play and the App Store, along with the countless numbers released for desktops and consoles, there’s always something to look forward to.

As the gaming industry grows more and more popular, the release of an eagerly anticipated new game can now generate enough buzz to rival Hollywood movies. The best new games are also more accessible than ever with distribution platforms grouping them in inexpensive subscription bundles. Some distribution platforms have even started offering a premium new game for free every week to delight fans! 

The constant supply and the increased accessibility means that players will never be short of new games to play. It also means that there is always something coming up over the horizon to be excited about!

Why Do New Games Create So Much Excitement?

Always having new games to play creates a sense of psychological comfort for fans. Exciting new games also build up anticipation, and psychologists have confirmed that anticipating a happy experience leads to sustained dopamine output, a hormone that plays a strong role in us having positive experiences.

Further, with the rise of social media influencers, new online games have started collaborating with them to create sustained hype around releases. Since there are huge gaming communities built around influencers, the word of mouth impact of these campaigns is often more than a Hollywood movie can generate from its social media campaign. So, a lot of new games can generate excitement simply because of the sheer volume of people talking about them. 

New innovations are emerging all the time in the world of gaming and it’s hard for fans to keep a track of what’s going on. Here are just a few which could have a transformative impact on new games released in the coming months and years:

Machine Learning 

Artificial intelligence has become a real talking point in many industries recently. The AI featured in a new game may start to learn from players and tweak the experience in order to offer them a greater challenge. Some developers have even been researching the potential of using neural networks to generate content.

Hyper-reality Games

This sector is becoming more feasible. Hyper-reality experiences combine the physical world with virtual reality (VR) to mind-boggling effect. Players usually enter a large space and strap on their VR goggles. Unlike typical VR experiences, they can run around the space, use real objects as cover, and even pick up physical props that appear as weapons or other items in the game. So, these games blend VR with augmented reality (AR), giving players a far more immersive experience.

Ultra-realistic Graphics

Deferred rendering lighting, motion capture, and physically-based material rendering have all allowed graphics to reach new levels recently. They provide incredibly life-like visuals and the standard is only likely to rise as more games use these techniques and innovate on them in the coming years.


The next generation of mobile connectivity could play a big role in making the above features a reality in new online games. Faster speeds and lower latency could simply transform what is possible and how you experience it. Cloud gaming is also likely to become more common.

Cross-platform Compatibility 

Many gamers want flexibility in how they access games and this has led to the rise of cross-platform compatibility. Developers are increasingly creating new online games that can be accessed across PC, console, mobile, as well as other services like Apple TV.

Developments in New Game Design

While different innovations might be changing what is possible in the best new games, there have also been developments in how titles are designed. Here are just a few that are having an impact on new games at present.

  • Inclusivity: Representation in new games has rightly become very important, with more games featuring diverse characters. Developers are also ensuring that their latest titles are accessible for people with disabilities, providing options to adjust the game.
  • Feeling First: The ‘Feeling First’ concept is starting to have a major impact on new game design. This means that developers consider the feelings and emotions they want to evoke in players before diving into other elements, like the story or gameplay mechanics.
  • Growth of Idle RPG Mechanics: Idle RPG titles allow players to make progress even when they are not actually interacting with the game. The popularity of this new game genre means that many developers are looking to include idle mechanics when developing games in other genres too.
  • Monetization: The way we pay for a new game has transformed in recent years. With the rise of the free-to-play model along with monetization innovations like the Battle Pass, which allows developers to get subscription revenue without using a hard paywall, more and more games are becoming accessible without any upfront payment. Recently, a number of premium games have switched to free-to-play models, and we can only see that increasing as more monetization innovations come up.
  • Casual Transformation: Casual games have started embracing clan mechanics, with some even introducing PvP game modes. So, a new game in the casual genre can easily provide the same social experience that hardcore titles have become synonymous with in the past few years. 
  • Having A Blast: According to research, new games with match-3 mechanics are placing more emphasis on blasting recently, rather than other mechanics such as swapping or linking. While swapping has been more popular traditionally, every match-3 game launched in 2019 that made it into the top 200 grossing charts utilized the blasting mechanic. So, we can only see it becoming more common going forward. 

On Which Devices Can You Play New Games?

By now, you're probably excited to try some new free games as well as premium titles. But what format can you enjoy them in? Thankfully, you have plenty of choice. The best new games are found across a range of platforms:


This platform has a long history in gaming and continues to be a popular choice for hardcore games. Gaming PCs are configured to offer a quality experience and the rise of digital distribution platforms means that you have more new game options than ever before.


PC games traditionally required the installation of software, but you can now play many new free games directly through browsers. This is extremely convenient since you can easily get started with just a few simple clicks. 


Gaming on smartphones and tablets have experienced massive growth in the last few years, with modern mobile games now offering an exciting experience even on a small screen. Mobile is particularly ideal if you’re seeking new free games, as many mobile titles follow the free-to-play model. 


Consoles have a long association with gaming and many new games are still launched exclusively on these devices first. Since consoles are built specifically for this pastime, they are excellent at providing a smooth, seamless gaming experience.


You can now access many new games directly through your TV, thanks to services like Apple Arcade or Google Stadia. It will be interesting to see how this trend continues to impact the gaming world in the coming years.

Enjoy a Fresh Experience with the Best New Games

So many classic games have been released through the years, but nothing compares to the thrill of having new games to play. With numerous genres and platforms to play games, this is definitely the best time to dive into the gaming world. We’re certain you will not be disappointed.