Robot Games

Steel and fire, war and chrome - that’s right, we’re talking robot-mecha combat. Light up your fusion torch and get your gaming goggles, ‘cause it’s time for some robot games!
Robot Games
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What Are Robot Games?

Take a guess. You can’t actually give your answer, but you’re probably right: a robot game is a video game... with robots. When using robots (or Mechs) as a central theme, you can cover a lot of territory (both literally and figuratively - some robot games are very, very fast), but you will always have thematic ties to postmodernity and the near-future.

Robot games keep one foot in reality and one foot in speculation, so they’re easy to relate to but can inspire anyway. They also let you blow stuff up in a spectacular fashion - there are a lot of robot fighting games out there. Come take a look and find your favorite!

Mech Games and Robot Games: Origins

“Mech'' and “Robot” are weird words, though you probably haven’t had that thought in a while. The word “robot” was born in the 1920s, first appearing in a Czech play called Rossum's Universal Robots, where the term was based on the Czech word for labor: robota. You can imagine what the play was about.

The word “Mech'' comes from further east: “mecha” (meka) is a Japanese term derived from the word mekanizumu (mechanism), which got anglicized to “mech” when it crossed the Pacific. Like “robot”, “meka” were originally only the robots of science fiction, but over time they evolved to also include human-piloted exoskeletons, or “mechs”.

This multicultural origin allowed mech games to span a variety of subgenres. The first robot video games to come out of Japan were side-scrolling and vehicle shooters, but they quickly had company. By the 1990s, run and gun shooters were added to the mix, and, since then, third-person shooters, action adventure games, and battleground arena combat games followed. Today, robot games cover a plethora of genres, styles, and environments.

A Symbiosis Between Humans and Machines

Why so much flexibility? Well, there were two predominant approaches to robots, even in their early days: seeing the machine as a replaceable tool, or seeing the machine as an extension of the person that operates it. External and internal.

This plays out in robot video games. When treated externally, robots are upgradable, interchangeable, and focus on parts, research, and technology. These sorts of games are about flexibility, design, and acquiring rare components to modify or create new weapon platforms.

When treated internally, a mech is tied to its user. It’s about unlocking skills and abilities, gaining experience, improving systems, and potentially evolving to a higher state. A Mech game in this style will rarely have the user switch to a new Mech without switching to a whole different character.

The best mech games will incorporate both. Games like ours. Find new mechs or robots, or improve and master the ones that you’ve already got. Go check them out, and you’ll see for yourself!

Why Should I Play Robot Games Online?

Skill and Planning

Customization is core to any robot game. It requires planning, understanding the enemy, recognizing the purpose of the machine, and mastering the mechanics of play. Those with a love of engineering can delve into the nuances of these machines and adjust small variables to get maximum impact from their robots. Alternatively, you can play mech games that allow you to focus on execution and skill.

Logic and Tactics

Robot video games often put you into a battle. This could be a turn-based tactical war game, an arena battle, a one-on-one fight, or some other combat situation. You need logic, timing, and strategy to thrive in robot fighting games, and achieving that mastery feels as good as it sounds. These are all skills that make the best mech games so interesting and engaging.

Variety and Escapism

Robots are everywhere! Maybe you’ll end up exploring alien worlds with biomechanical mech suits, or maybe you’ll be in a sports arena competing in tournaments - in a different galaxy, or in your own backyard. The world of the machine is every world you can imagine - with robots as your central theme, you can go anywhere.

What Type of Players Like Robot and Mech Games?

Anyone can play robot games and mech games. Because it’s such an expansive and inclusive genre, there’s something for everyone. If you enjoy all-out action, there are games for you. If you enjoy storybook adventures across many different worlds, there are games for you. If you enjoy technology and tactical combat, there are robot fighting games for you. As long as you’re a fan of gaming, there will be a robot game for you.

Three Reasons to Play Robot Games

First of all, they offer detailed and fantastical gaming environments. Mech games lend themselves to stunning visuals, whether they’re high-detail realistic simulations or stylized to capture the real feel of mechanized warfare. Either way they’ll pull you in from start to finish, regardless of the device you’re using.

Second of all, they’re with you wherever you go. The best mech games around are all designed to work on your mobile device, and you can get your battle on wherever you are.

And last of all, they’re safe and secure. Every mech game we offer is safe to use. The software is built to extremely high standards and won’t compromise your device. Moreover, we refine each game so that you can enjoy a complete gaming experience with almost any connection speed.

Play Robot Games Online Today

You can access our top-rated robot games in just a few minutes. All you have to do is create an account, scroll through our list of options, and play. If mech games aren’t for you, we’ve got plenty of alternatives. From action to shooting, we’ve got the best mech games you can find online. All you have to do is pick a title and escape to a world of massive robot battles!