Discover 10 of the Best Christmas Video Games to Play in 2023

Last updated: 11/30/2023
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The holiday season rolling around gives us a perfect opportunity to relax from school or work, eat too much, and download games to jump into. To celebrate the occasion, we thought it would be fun to explore the top Christmas video games of 2023, update our list and find a way to spread festive cheer through our passion for interactive entertainment.

We've updated our list of Christmas video games to help players find games that take place during the holiday season or include some festive holiday-themed content. As great additions to one of our favorite holidays, why not check out some popular games, and see what they can bring before Christmas dinner inevitably leaves you stuffed?

Our Top 10 Christmas Games

1. Christmas Lemmings

To start this list off by turning back the clock, our first entry is Xmas Lemmings. Originally, they released a promotion for Oh No! More Lemmings, this 1992 Dos, Amiga, and Macintosh game has you guide the eponymous Lemmings to each level’s exit.

The Lemmings all travel in a straight path, and only by using a limited number of special abilities can you get them to the end intact. It might not be on any list of games with the best graphics, but this one still holds up.

2. Hitman 3

The Hitman series is famous for themed content, and nowhere is done more appropriately than with Holiday Hoarders for Hitman 3. This was first released as a bonus mission for Hitman in 2016 and has since been ported to the most recent entry. Adopt a traditional hitscan weapon or something more unique as you put an end to the thieves, Harry and Marv. If you've ever watched the original Home Alone movies, this game could be very cathartic…

3. Home Alone

Speaking of Home Alone, this film saw a game adaption for the Genesis (or Mega Drive for those outside of America) and is a great digital take on the classic movie formula. Use gadgets to hold off the NPC threats of Harry and Marv, and be reminded of just how dangerous these traps would be in real life.

4. Batman: Arkham Origins

When we think of a jolly man bringing joy to the world on Christmas, we all picture the same person: Batman. While some people might disagree with this statement, Batman: Arkham Origins at least leans into the idea while being set on Christmas Eve. This origin tale of the games has Batman hunted by several of his rogue's gallery, with all the trademark great combat and stealth the series is famous for.

5. Die Hard Trilogy

We know this is a contentious one, but for our money, we still think of Die Hard as a Christmas movie, so it's only natural that it would result in Christmas video games. Die Hard Trilogy for the original PlayStation includes three separate games, each based on one of the first three films.

The first is a third-person shooter which has you climbing Nakatomi Tower, the second is an on-rails shooter, and the third is a kind of racing game. Each is full of action and classic action quips, and the different styles can appeal to different players in your family.

6. Minecraft

One of Minecraft’s biggest strengths is its support for mods and feature packs. These can put Minecraft into the realm of Space MMOs, racers, or more appropriately, Christmas video games. Mods like Merrymaking or the Christmas Festivity Mod bring a lot to the holiday Minecraft experience. You could also simply track down a snow biome and see who can build the best base.

7. Duke Nukem: Nuclear Winter

What better way to celebrate Christmas video games than by fighting off an alien invasion during Christmas time? This classic FPS will have you gunning down threats from space, delivering kicks via an almighty boot, and have you wondering what a final boss is anyway. It's also a great multiplayer experience if you have some networked PCs to play on.

8. Overwatch 2

Overwatch has always delivered when it comes to seasonal events, and Overwatch 2 is looking to continue its legacy in Christmas video games. Expect events, holiday skins, and the classic content from the original game ported over to the new version. If you've been saving your Overwatch currency, Christmas could be the perfect time to jump back in.

9. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The follow-up to one of last-gen's best superhero titles, Miles Morales, brings web-slinging to the world of Christmas video games. Play as the newest Spider-Man as he comes to terms with his powers, and tries to save New York from a new powerful threat.

10. Raid: Shadow Legends

To close off our list, we can't help but mentioning our very own RAID: Shadow Legends. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s only natural that the game would embrace the holiday with specially designed content and very festive layout. Each year delivers a range of special features of the game, including free rewards, quests, and tournaments. Whether you consider Santa a champion or not, that much is up to you.

Christmas Video Games FAQs

Are Christmas-themed video games a new thing?

There are a lot of Christmas-themed video games that have been released over the years, in every different generation and platform. Look at Dead Rising 4, for example, which embraces the Christmas theme with Frank dressing up zombies in winter garb.

From RTS games to games for Mac, nobody has to miss out on getting a taste of the holiday cheer in digital gaming form.

Are there any fun Christmas video games for kids?

Of course! Many of the best games for Christmas are perfect fits for the younger generations. Whether looking at old-school classics or the newest seasonal promotions in hot new games, there’s something in Christmas-themed video games for everyone.

What are some Christmas games to play at home?

Some of the best Christmas video games to play at home are the ones that let you play with friends and family. Going multiplayer provides a great way to spread the holiday cheer, and settle any old rivalries from years passed too.