Final Boss

In video games it's not over until the final boss is defeated and, in some cases, you've then managed to escape their evil yet collapsing lair. What exactly is the purpose of the 'final boss' and do they always live up to their name?

What Does 'Final Boss' Mean?

The final boss is typically the last and most difficult challenge in the game. It's when all of the skills and experience you've gained throughout the game come together in one final epic battle. This is it, this is your moment, you just have to summon all of your courage and strength.

If the final boss was in a movie, they'd take the spotlight in the movie's climax, where the directors are throwing every stunt they've got into the mix. Think Agent Smith fighting Neo on the subway in The Matrix. In gaming, they're Bowser at the end of Super Mario or Ganon in The Legend of Zelda. They're the biggest baddies the game can throw at you.

Is the Final Boss Always the Hardest to Defeat?

Okay, so we really gave final bosses praise in that last section, but honestly, no, the final boss isn't always the most difficult battle you'll fight. Frankly they aren't even always the last battle you'll fight, which can make the name rather confusing. In general, though, the final boss meaning holds good, and they are both the worst boss and the final opponent.

The final boss normally goes one of two ways - they might either be a boss that you've encountered along the way and are revisiting for one last epic battle, or they may be a boss that you've not yet met, but perhaps have heard rumor of.

Who Is the Ultimate Final Boss in Video Game History?

This is impossible to answer as defeating a final boss comes down to individual ability. Some people might be great at fast movements and quick responses but terrible at strategic thinking, others might find they are well-suited to the precision of The Radiance in Hollow Knight but are completely thrown by the changing forms of Seymour Omnis in Final Fantasy X. Speaking of which, if you need a new nick for your clan or just for your own self in any fantasy game, we recommend you give a try to our fantasy name generator to get going.

Bowser first appeared on the scene in 1996 in Super Mario 64 and is possibly the OG final boss. Not only does Mario have to take Bowser out while he spits fire, but they are fighting in mid-air in a disintegrating arena - not ideal. You might also love the final boss in Shadow of the Colossus (2005). Malus is such a badass that you literally have to climb him before you can even begin to defeat him.

The ultimate final boss though? We personally back Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! You can't argue with two exclamation points.

What Is the Final Boss of the Internet?

The final boss is such a predictable character in a video game's structure, that the idea of a final boss has become the subject of many memes, including the idea of the final boss of the Internet. The final boss of the Internet is a mythical creature, believed to be the last opponent you will need to face to defeat the Internet for good. They stand for any person or thing that is notoriously difficult to beat in any context, be it your work boss, tax returns or the concept of Mondays.