Sim Games

You know there are some people who think we’re living in a simulation? There’s a chance that they could be right, as sim games are advancing at lightning pace and getting more like real life by the year.

Sim games have always been popular because they give players god-like powers. As the genre has expanded, it has branched out into a range of subcategories. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about sim games.

What are Sim Games?

Sim games are simulation games, and they’re designed to replicate real-world activities or scenarios. It’s such a booming genre that you’ve surely played one or two before.

The Different Types of Sim Games Explained

The reason why sim games are so popular is because they cover a vast range of topics and themes. There’s something out there to suit everyone’s tastes, and we’ll explain all the different game types to you now.

Dating Sim Games

If you need some tips and advice for dating in real life, you could check out some dating sim games. These titles focus on building romantic relationships between characters. Some players use these as a dry run before dating in the real world, where they can try out a few techniques. Some of the top dating sim games include Tokimeki Memorial and the Persona series.

Sim Racing Games

There are plenty of racing games to choose from, but sim racing games take things one step further and try to replicate the essence of real-world driving. These include realistic physics, authentic tracks, and the ability to custom-tune vehicles.

Immersive Sim Games

If you want true escapism from the real world, you could try out an immersive sim game. These are titles with interactive and open-ended gameplay experiences, in which you can take on challenges and traverse the world in a range of different ways. Immersive sim games have deep narratives, with a few well-known examples including Deus Ex and System Shock.

Life Sim Games

Life sim games were popularized by series like The Sims. They basically give you full control over what happens to virtual humans in a digital setting. For example, you might build a house and observe a family living within it.

Farming Sim Games

If you want a farm in real life, you not only have to own some land, but you also must be prepared to work hard. This puts a lot of people off, but luckily there’s another way to imagine you own a farm. Farming sim games like Harvest Moon allow you to farm crops and care for animals.

What Genre or Subgenre Are All “The Sims” Games?

The Sims series helped catapult sim games into the mainstream, and there are almost 40 titles in the popular series to choose from. The Sims games fall into the subgenre of life simulation games or life sims.

Playing Sim Games

If you want to start playing a sim game but not sure where to start, check out our dedicated blog post on the topic. Good luck, and most importantly, don't forget to have fun!