What Does Your MMORPG Character Say about You?

3 minutes read

There are always so many different races and backgrounds to choose a character from in an MMORPG, but for some reason we are usually drawn to very specific types of MMORPG characters. No matter what game we play, or what settings, we almost always select the same type who is our favorite.

The most common MMORPG characters can usually be divided into 5 main types. Scroll down and find out what these characters say about the player who chooses them!

  1. The Generic Warrior

  2. Dark Warrior with Spiky Armor

  3. Sneaky Assassin

  4. Magic type person

  5. The Quiet Healer


1. Generic Warrior

If only life were as simple, straightforward, and easy to understand as playing the generic warrior class. All you need to master is the fine art of swinging your biggest pointy stick and jamming it into the fleshy parts of nearest bad guy. No muss, no fuss - that’s how you like it. It’s usually either that or you’re simply very new to the MMORPG scene and the chracters you can choose from.

2. Dark Warrior with Spiky Armor

You’re a total badass. At least that’s what you want every other player to think. This MMORPG character is basically the same as the generic warrior class, but with extra flair and a need to stand out among the sea of identical knights. You might also be really into Black Metal/Glam Rock, but that’s just a wild guess.

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3. Sneaky Assassin

You might not bea horrible person, but you might also need to stop and think about what is it with stabbing unsuspecting monsters in the back that you find so appealing. Then again, it might just be that you’re the worst kind of practical joker, and you simply enjoy that whole “gotcha!” moment, especially with this very unique but popular MMORPG character.

4. Magic Type Person

There’s something about destroying monsters the size of buildings with the power of your mind that really gets you going. You tend to look down on the brawny barbarians, and laugh maniacally as you melt their skin with fire and lightning. Just like you always dreamed of doing to your high school bullies. This MMORPG character might have more significance to it than you would have imagined...

5. The Quiet Healer

Being unappreciated is better than being ignored, am I right? But is the constant cursing, swearing and other forms of verbal abuse you get worth it? They’ll never notice your hard work when everything goes right, and will always blame you when they die. But as long as they acknowledge your existence, you can take it.

In Summary

Next time you start a new MMO game, think hard about the character you’re going to play. Or don’t, because the only thing your character of choice really says about you is that you love MMORPGs and occasionally poking random people with pointy sticks!

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