The Making of the Fantasy Warrior

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Plarium Games’s acclaimed concept artist, Valentin Demchenko, brings the Fantasy Warrior to life with dazzling realism. Watch how every fascinating detail is expertly crafted onto the body armor and physique, ultimately giving rise to an iconic warrior known in the MMORPG games world as Fantasy Warrior. 

The background musical score selected for this concept video is from Man of La Mancha by Richard Hayman Symphony Orchestra. Demchenko’s prowess is evident as he paints layer upon layer of rich color, intricate detail and vibrant textures onto the character. Such is his artistic prowess that the Fantasy Warrior comes to life right before your eyes.

No detail is neglected; every single brush stroke is deliberate, and simply perfect. In just 8 minutes 37 seconds, a masterpiece is unveiled… 

Vikings: War of Clans

You are a Viking! You are the Hero!

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