Are You a Serious Gamer? 10 Telling Signs

Last updated: 12/31/2023
2 minutes read

Ever wondered what constitues being a hardcore gamer? What makes a game lover an actual serious gamer? Who is a gamer? What even is a gamer?!

Well, we might not have all of the answers, but there are a few habits that we put together, that could help you determine whether you are a serious gamer or more of a casual, occasional gamer.

10 Clues That You Might Be a Hardcore Gamer

You’ve got alarm bells ringing at all hours of the day and night and none of them are for real-life events like waking up for work, picking up grandma for ice cream, or taking your insulin shots: these alarms are only for your game account.

You have a built-in clock that allows you to calculate time differences between your region and every other foreign time zone (in the entire multiverse).

The equipment you use for your game sessions include multiple Excel spreadsheets, a legal pad, a pen and pencil, a calculator, a webcam, a smartphone and a high-quality headset (maybe even a projector).

During your gaming sessions you’re able to prove – incontrovertibly – that the sun rises twice.

The game developers of your preferred games regularly consult with you about how their game mechanics function.

These same game developers are on a first-name basis with you. At the same time, you might not remember all of their names (maybe it's time you made an effort?).

Your co-workers are blissfully unaware that you are the commander of a powerful army, numbering thousands of soldiers, and are perplexed by comments left on your social media, addressing you as 'the Great One'.

Such is your stature in the gaming world that other players copy your account name and use your gaming logo to instil unimaginable fear in the hearts of the enemy. 

When it’s your birthday you get bombarded with warm wishes from hundreds of people who address you as the Great One (you might be worshipped or feared in several communities and lands across the internet).

Everyone around you calls you a serious gamer, but until you get the formal diploma stating just that, you refuse to call yourself that.

** Bonus sign: Deep down you know you're a hardcore gamer. And that's all that matters.