Best YouTube Gamers to Follow in 2024

Last updated: 6/19/2024
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YouTube has come a long way since it first launched almost 20 years ago. From humble beginnings, this entertainment titan now commands international fame, respect, and adoration from viewers of all interests.

Key among the content creators who helped drive this platform to success are the gamers YouTube produced. Popular YouTube gamers would go on to attract millions of early online players to their content. Starting with simple gameplay clips, famous YouTube gamers would eventually deliver well-produced reviews and streaming content, building momentum that carries to this day.

With all their success in mind, we want to explore the top gamers on YouTube and see what makes these video game players special. From looking at how much gamers make on YouTube to individual gaming and accomplishments, let’s get started with our YouTube gamers list for 2024.


  • Followers -21.8M
  • Real Name – Lannan Neville Eacott
  • Born – 1994

We start this gamers on YouTube list with LazarBeam, an Australian YouTuber who found an unusual start in making slow-motion demolition videos. While LazarBeam did find initial success with this approach, he later pivoted to gaming content following the theft of his real-life recording equipment.
He then moved to Let’s Play content, finding more mainstream success in the eternally popular Minecraft and Fortnite battle royale games. Reaching more than 900,000 concurrent viewers at his peak, Lazar would become so popular he earned a unique Fortnite skin.

Jake Fellman

  • Followers -30M
  • Real Name – Jake Fellman
  • Born – Unknown

Another non-traditional entry into the world of famous YouTube gamers, Jake Fellman is a recent entry who focuses on short-form content. Instead of producing longer videos, Fellman instead develops quick but detailed clips about games that have taken off as YouTube Shorts and TikTok videos.

The target of his channel are the world-famous games Minecraft and Among Us, where he produces original modeled and animated videos. His dry sense of humor has attracted players of all ages, and his obvious passion for the games he borrows from is seen in the parodies he produces. Self-taught and still growing, Fellman is an inspirational creator in the YouTube scene.


  • Followers -23.2M
  • Also Known As – Family Gaming Teams Extraordinarily Entertaining Videos
  • Born – Various

Pronounced like the letters FGTV, this family channel is run collectively by the Skylanders who focus on gaming-style content. These popular YouTube gamers joined YouTube in 2013 with the family members acting as both themselves and characters within their various shows.

Setting this group apart is their focus on younger viewers, as the family and team produce videos on fun and friendly experiences, not on outrageous reactions to over-the-top action or horror games. Suitable for views of all ages, the current success of FGTeeV says a lot about the family’s hard work and dedication.


  • Followers -23.5M
  • Real Name – Seán William McLoughlin
  • Born – 1990

Despite being one of the least appealing names from a medical standpoint, jacksepticeye is easily one of the most internationally known players on this YouTube gamers list. Born and raised in Ireland, jacksepticeye’s 2012 start quickly rocketed this player to huge success.

Solidifying his reputation on national TV and Twitch deals, jacksepticeye sets his one good eye on a wide selection of different games. From FNAF to God of War, Undertale, and HTML5 games, he’s well-loved for a bombastic attitude that’s extremely popular with younger gamers.

Recent data suggests that around 200 million people view video game content daily on YouTube. More than a thousand channels currently have over a million subscribers, and the number of popular players on the platform is growing by the day.


  • Followers -23.6M
  • Real Name – Ian Marcus Stapleton
  • Born – 1987

Born in Michigan, Ssundee joined the YouTube platform back in 2009. Here he started his career with Minecraft and Call of Duty content, working on his characters and finding his voice as a streamer and video producer.

Ssundee would ultimately cater to younger gamers in titles like Roblox, Among Us, and his longtime reliable Minecraft content. After taking a brief hiatus in 2017, Ssundee returned stronger than ever, working with other popular creators as he climbed ever higher on the subscriber charts.

Who is Asia’s No. 1 gamer?

The most famous Asian YouTube gamer is Jess No Limit. This Indonesian player made a name for himself in Mobile Legends, even counting himself among professional gamers. Now reaching 50 million subscribers, Jess No Limit finds himself as the number one Asian gamer on YouTube.


  • Followers -23.9M
  • Real Name – Richard Tyler Blevins
  • Born – 1991

Formerly known as NinjaHyper, the blue-haired wonder of Ninja got his start in the shooters Halo, H1Z1, and PUBG. Then finding his fame in Fortnite content, Ninja has since become an intensely respected creator and a professional gamer. Not many big gamers can back up their walk with their play, but Ninja is certainly one of them.
As a huge name on Twitch and YouTube, Ninja has grown up with his audience, now finding himself popular in the young-adult viewership. Just hope you don't meet him on the digital battlefield.

The answer to this question changes all the time, but recent credit has to go to Ninja for his breakout success. Known for both gameplay and hosting ability, Ninja is one of few YouTube gamers who approach household name status.




  • Followers -25.9M
  • Real Name – Evan Fong
  • Born – 1992

Also operating as a professional musician named Rynx, VanossGaming is a Canadian YouTuber who first launched his YouTube channel in 2011. He originally set his focus on musical content, remixing songs and clips in a way that viewers found fascinating.

More recently, VanosGaming has set his sights on more adult-focussed games like Black Ops, GTA5, and Dead Realm. Working on series like Paranormal Action Squad alongside other popular YouTube names, VanossGaming is looking to expand his media empire in the new generation.

Alan Becker

  • Followers -27.2M
  • Real Name – Alan Becker
  • Born – 1989

The only person on this list to use their given name, Alan Becker is a gamer and animator who currently holds first place as the most subscribed animator on the platform. Becker is famous for his animated takes on popular games like Minecraft and League of Legends.

Don’t let the cutesy stick figures and art fool you, Becker offers a mature range of content that makes him extremely popular among ‘veteran’ gamers.


  • Followers -28.7M
  • Real Name – Daniel Robert "Dan" Middleton
  • Born – 1991

Running with the name Dan The Diamond Minecart, DanTDM's content is not surprisingly centered on Minecraft. Here he sets up skits and mods as he plays out stories alongside his fans and collaborators.

Alongside Minecraft, this younger-focussed YouTube creator also features Roblox, games like Fortnite, Among Us, and Pokemon in his preferred gaming lineup. One of the more straightforward developers on this list, but one who has still found success through high-quality content.


  • Followers -31.8M
  • Real Name – Clay
  • Born – 1999

Dream finds himself on this list as a standout for one of the fastest-growing channels in YouTube history. Growing from nothing to ten million subscribers not much more than a year, Deam is another Minecraft-focussed channel with an interesting start.

Unlike most of the Minecraft players on this list, Dream is a competitive speedrunner, claiming major success in his racing career. While home to some controversy in his YouTube life, Dream still stands as one of the most popular in the game.

Who is the best pro gamer?

In terms of money earned, the best pro gamer you can watch on YouTube has to be N0tail. This Dota 2 pro has won over 7 million dollars in his MOBA playing career, largely thanks to The International tournaments.


  • Followers -36.6 M
  • Real Name – Mark Edward Fischbach
  • Born – 1989

The man with the voice, Markiplier is one of the gaming YouTubers to leverage his career beyond this social media sphere. Active as an actor, singer, philanthropist, and director, Markiplier isn’t just a player, though he is a fantastic YouTuber gamer.

Markiplier's content is more mature and adult-focused than most, as he emphasizes horror games and Halloween video games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Neverending Nightmares. Even working with jacksepticeye on a clothing brand, Markiplier is an industry force we expect great things from in the future.


  • Followers -36.9M
  • Real Names – Justin "Justie" Kroma and Adam James McArthur
  • Born – 1995 and 1996 respectively

The pair making up LankeyBox have grown quickly since their 2016 introduction to become one of the biggest names on YouTube. LankeyBox is famous for a range of shows, the most famous of which are their zero-budget parodies of famous media.

In gaming, their work skews younger, with bright visuals and emphatic delivery finding them a high place among the algorithms chosen. We're especially big fans of the Noob VS Pro Vs Hacker series, which offers some surprisingly insightful comedy into what it means to develop as a gamer.

Today, LankyBox is working on taking on the giant of Mr. Beast, and we wish them all the fortune in the world.

MrBeast Gaming - 43.3M followers

  • Followers -21.8M
  • Real Name – James Stephen "Jimmy" Donaldson
  • Born – 1998

Ending with the biggest of the top gamers on YouTube, we have the gaming channel of Mr. Beast. More humanly known as Jimmy Donaldson, this gaming spinoff of the largest creator on YouTube again takes a family-friendly approach with this arm of his media empire.

Mr. Beast Gaming centers on Minecraft first and foremost, while also delving into Among Us, Garry's Mod, and GTA 5, as the algorithm demands. Like the rest of Mr Beast's content, there are a lot of highly produced and bombastic videos here, well suited to his general audience and viewers of all ages.

It might not be perfect for hardcore gamers, but for everyone else, it’s hard to overlook the spectacle of Mr. Beast Gaming,

How much do gamers make on YouTube?

This is a complicated question that depends on how the creator monetizes their page. Regular ads can net the player around $2,000 for a million views. Additional money might also be made through direct sponsored content or related outside sources like a Patreon subscription base.


Far from the early experimental days, online content creation today is an enormous and respected pursuit. Those who make it in this highly competitive world can expect a regular income and a novel way to engage with the greater gaming community.

Whether these players are following the most popular game genres of today or doing their own niche thing, there’s an almost endless stream of content to enjoy. We’re in a new age of celebrities now, and gaming contributed a lot to making this generation popular.
The YouTube gamers above stand out as offering something that sets them apart from the rest. Achieving what they have isn't easy, and it speaks to their ability to interface with their audience and produce engaging videos.

With all that said, it’s also not easy to stay at the peak of this ever-evolving world. Good luck to these YouTubers and those who would follow in their footsteps, and we look forward to what you produce next.