12 Killer Pro Tips on How to Get Views on YouTube: Take Your Subs to 1,000 and Beyond

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While "How can I get 1,000 subscribers on YouTube?” is the first question many new content creators ask, there isn’t a simple answer to gaining a YouTube subscribers boost. In fact, the reality is there’s a lot of luck and timing involved in becoming a viral sensation. But with the right strategy, some engaging content and a little bit of good fortune, you can increase your odds of reaching 1,000 YouTube subscribers.

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In this guide, we’re going to give you 12 tips on how to get subscribers for YouTube from Gaming Youtubers. Starting with the basics and moving into some more advanced techniques, this article should help you improve your numbers. Of course, we can’t guarantee you’re going to up your army of followers if you follow our suggestions – but your chances of doing so should increase. The advice contained in the next few paragraphs has been curated from dozens of social media experts who manage very successful YouTube channels. So, if you’re eager to capture a larger slice of the platform’s 1.3 billion users, here are some of the best ways to get subscribers for YouTube. 

What’s the Best Way to Get Subscribers for YouTube?

1. Create Niche Content You’re Passionate About

The best way to get subscribers for YouTube according to ESO, whose channel counts over 1.5 million subscribers, is passion. Even though he could wax lyrical about algorithms, SEO and other technical strategies, the streamer told us that finding your niche and creating truly novel content about something you’re passionate about is crucial.

ESO gaming youtuber

“The most important piece of advice you need is to create niche content you are passionate about and have fun making (even if nobody is watching you). Then the community, views and everything else will follow,” ESO said.

The harsh reality is that not all gamers are going to make it big on the streaming scene. Yes, the likes of ESO and summit1g have millions of followers, but they are among a small group of outliers. If you’re simply asking how to get subscribers on YouTube and break the 1,000 barrier, you need to forget about those guys. Focus on what you enjoy, make sure that passion is visible in your videos and what will be will be.

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2. Content, Content and More Content

When we asked YouTuber MMG to tell us how to get views on YouTube, his advice was simple: consistency. There have been plenty of quality content creators that have burst onto the scene and then disappeared into the ether. Even though they had some fantastic videos, they were few and far between. Eventually, the lack of consistency irked the community and people switched off.

MMG gaming youtuber

If you’re ever going to become a popular YouTuber like MMG, you need to be consistent. This means devising a plan and sticking to it regardless. Even if no one is watching, just keep grinding. In the same way that you have to grind out the early stages of Raid Shadow Legends (now on PC too!), do the same on YouTube and, with a bit of luck, things should turn.

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3. Trust the Process

Anyone who's seen Wayne’s World will remember the immortal words of Jim Morrison’s ghost: "If you build it, they will come." Wayne trusted the apparition and, sure enough, his music festival was a success.

While we’re not saying you need to listen to quirky spirits of deceased rockers, you do need to trust the process. Focus on creating quality content that you enjoy, and likeminded individuals will eventually discover and join you.

4. It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Everyone wants to know how to get subscribers on YouTube fast. The reality is that building up a solid fanbase is a marathon, not a sprint. Even the top gamers had to work hard for years before they could make a living from their talents.

Sure, you could stream a live session of Stormfall: Age of War and capture the moment you receive a rare epic scroll drop. With those rewards being few and far between, it would inevitably create a buzz among the YouTube community. However, even with a viral hit, you’re not always guaranteed a surge of subscribers. You don't want to be a one-hit-wonder (and neither does it get you more subscribers), so the best tip is to take the long view and have fun.  

5. It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

Your first stream will probably be poor. Your second stream will still be poor. In fact, your first six months’ worth of content is likely to be fairly low quality. However, don’t let that stop you. As long as you’re learning, the standard will improve and, in theory, that should make your content more appealing. When that’s true, a YouTube subscribers boost is almost bound to happen. If you don't believe us, go explore the older videos of pretty much any channel you enjoy watching. There are almost always noticeable differences in the editing, presentation, effects and even the naming of the videos. 

6. Plan It, Record It, Upload It

When we spoke to Mango Seven and asked him how to gain subscribers on YouTube, his top tip was planning. Brainstorm, organize your ideas, write down the main points to focus on. Once you know the direction your video is going to go, record it, review it and then upload it. Breaking down the process into steps should improve the quality of your output.

What’s more, it will allow you to develop a consistent schedule. If there’s one thing YouTubers love more than free entertainment is routine. If your fans know you’re going to upload videos on Tuesday and Thursdays, it gives them something to look forward to. What’s more, they’ll be more likely to subscribe and enable notifications because they’ll want to be among the first to watch and comment when new content goes live.

Mango Seven gaming youtuber

7. Have Fun, and Others Will Too

If you can replicate the success of gamers such as Ninja, the world is your oyster. By building a stable base of YouTube subscribers, you can potentially earn an income from gaming and turn your passion into a profession. Indeed, by learning how to get subscribers on YouTube and applying this information wisely, you can secure sponsorship deals, get early access to games, receive collaboration requests and more.

However, all of that will count for nothing if you’re not having fun. If your videos are forced, people will pick up on that. So, if you’re not enjoying the process, stop, as you’ll never break the 1,000 subs mark.

8. Optimize Your Tags

SEO isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to YouTube, but it definitely helps. If you want viewers and Google to pick up your content, make sure you optimize your tags. Making sure your tags contain keywords such as “gaming,” “online gaming” as well as more niche keywords related to your video etc is important.

However, you also have to make sure the tags are accurate. If your content doesn’t match the description, Google and YouTube will know. Beyond tags, make sure your YouTube video name contains some keywords too and use SRT files to add closed captions. All of these little extras should increase the visibility of your channel.

9. Study the YouTube Algorithms

YouTube algorithms are always changing, just like Google's; yet, even a basic understanding of the fundamentals can help you get more subscribers. Although the platform uses human moderators, a lot of the site is controlled by software. Through various machine learning techniques, YouTube sees what people are watching and recommends similar content based on trends, tags, descriptions and more.

Therefore, if you can watch other gamers and get a feel for the topics they’re covering, you’re more likely to be seen. Although this isn’t a guarantee, piggybacking off popular trends can help you get more views on YouTube.

10. Review, Review and Review Again

No video content is ever perfect. In fact, even Hollywood blockbusters have bloopers and oversights. For example, if you watch American Sniper closely, you’ll see Bradley Cooper using his thumb to make a fake baby’s arm move. Put simply, if movie directors can make mistakes, so can you. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to avoid them, though.

The obvious way to reduce the risk of a mistake is to review your videos multiple times before publishing. However, you can go further than that. Our advice is to play a certain level or scenario a few times and record. Let’s say you’re playing Vikings War of Clans and you’re recording a tutorial on how to train your warriors.

If you go through the process three or four times, you’ll not only ensure you explain it in the best possible way, you’ll have plenty of footage you can edit together. In other words, you’re trying to shoot the same scene from multiple angles to ensure you get the best possible coverage – which is something many of your favorite sitcom comedies and even films do. Even professional cinematographers often work with just one camera! 

11. Be Interactive, Be Social

Sometimes, we forget that the whole point of social networks is to be social. Yes, you need to come across as friendly and welcoming in your video, but you need to also be active within your community. For example, if your content focuses on gaming, make sure you are active on at least a few popular gaming forums. Beyond that, comment on videos produced by other gamers.

Once you’ve established yourself as a part of the community, reach out to peers. Although collaborations may be hard to come by, you can still ask others to promote you in return for your help. Put simply, when you ask, “How can I get views on YouTube?” what you really should be asking is, “How can I be more social and become an integral member of the community?”

12. Promote, Request and Address Your Audience

The final tip on how to get subscribers for YouTube is to be personable. If the audience doesn’t feel engaged, they’re less likely to come back and watch more of your content. By asking questions and requesting comments, you’ll generate a much greater buzz around your videos. Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask people to subscribe and hit the like button – it's honest and open, and unless you're practically begging, nobody will fault you for it.

Major celebrities and YouTube stars all do this, after all. Social media is often ephemeral and people forget to subscribe because they’re simply looking to dip in and out of the things. As a content creator, it’s your job to make them remember. Push subscriptions in your videos and via other social media networks. Don’t let viewers forget you’re there and that you’ve got things to say.

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There you have it; the top 12 tips to get subscribers on YouTube, straight from the horse's mouth. Remember to have fun, and don't be afraid to experiment a little!

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