5 Tips to Spark PR Exposure for Your Game Launch

Plarium- Behind the Scenes1 minute read

by Mobile PR specialist, Oren Todoros, Plarium

The Story:

What is the story behind your game? Knowing the answer to this question will allow you to tell your users how and why you made this game (and not another one). This will make your users feel more engaged and will encourage loyalty – both towards the game and brand.

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o   Know your Audience: Getting to know your audience will bring you one step closer to writing and publishing content that will actually interest them. Learning who visits the website, what interests them and how long they tend to linger on a specific page will help you get your message through clearly.

o   Focus on the Plus: Keep the focus on your game and why people should start playing it. Speak about the plusses such as the enticing high performance graphics or the ever-growing online community will keep the spotlight on yourself and avoid slating your competitors which only makes you look weak.

o   Think Long Term: Building long term relationships with websites and journalists is a must. Social networking can only help contribute to building your brand and spreading the word about new features. Learn which websites cover which games and which journalists write for which market and device. While some journalists focus on MMO games, some might only focus on Android devices and not iOS.

o   Timing is Vital: Give journalists early access to new games, additional features, special events and anything else you're going public with. Don't wait until the game has reached the App Store to start building hype.

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