4 Don’ts in MMO play

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For an inexperienced gamer, jumping headfirst into the online gaming circle can often be an overwhelming, and often times an aggressive and strange experience. Chances are, if you’re still gaming in this day and age, sooner or later it’s something you’ll need to get your head around if you want to experience the full value of today’s games.

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With the internet becoming ever faster, more reliable and even easier to develop for, game developers are more and more likely to include some online multiplayer modes within their games. With that said, we thought it best if we could offer you some advice to help make your step into the online gaming world much less of a challenge.

The “Don’ts”

1. Don’t be aggressive to people or insult them! This is a sure-fire way to get yourself either banned from the server, or ignored by all the players so much that you’re basically playing a single player game again. If you want to have fun and participate, don’t shout at people or insult them.

2. Don’t troll! People spend hours and hours planning, organizing and finally orchestrating their plans in some games, carefully planning out their tactics and studying the opposition. If you see something like this happening, do your best to stay away and not get involved. Any effort, accidental or not, that interrupts and disrupts their plan, is an easy way to get people to dislike you and ultimately raid you all day long. 

3. Don’t camp, don’t bait. Your teammates are just that – team mates! Don’t use them as bait to get your own kills, you’ll only be harming your team as a whole – even if you’ll be racking up kills and increasing your sweet KDR ratio. This applies in public games too, not just in real clan matches. There’s nothing more aggravating than seeing yourself get killed by an enemy, then seeing your teammate has let them simply walk past without saying anything – be a team player and help out. At the very least, get a microphone and tell them what’s happening!

4. Don’t give out personal information! This goes without saying – never give out your phone number, address, credit card details, or even your username and password to anyone you’ve met online. They don’t need it, they’ll never need it, and people working for the company will never need it! Seriously – no discussion needed; just don’t do it!

Good luck!!

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