How to Command a Clan Like Donald Trump

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(and other world leaders)

How do you command the respect of a clan, lead your troops into battle and dominate your virtual world? Naturally, there are many ways to accomplish your mission.

You could lead by example, you could rule with an iron fist or you could flash some cash and hope people follow you. As with everything in life, there isn’t one “right” answer when it comes to leading a group. However, if you cast your gaze towards the leaders of the world, you’ll see that there are some traits that make you more appealing to the average men and women.

When you’re trying to organize your own clan, forge alliances and then execute a successful battle plan, you need to employ a range of skills. Fortunately, if you take look at the world’s leading leaders, the skills needed to inspire the masses are all on display. Yes, no single world leader is the complete package, but they do all have a particular trait that makes them successful. Being the strategy-minded gamers that we are, we’re keen to learn a thing or two from these famous faces and, in the process, make you a better clan leader.

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The Mindset of a Successful Leader

The mindset of a successful leader

There has been debate about the best attributes of a great leader since the dawn of time, and before we profile five political powers from around the world, let’s first outline four qualities that are generally considered to be desirable for someone stepping into battle (either figuratively or literally):

Honesty: You can’t hide behind a veil of insincerity. Being honest enough to admit your weaknesses or mistakes is something that actually make a leader appear more authoritative. Although you probably shouldn’t give away all of your secrets, it’s wise to be transparent enough that people feel as though they know the real you.

Enterprise: Things change in the heat of battle, whether that’s in the boardroom or the battlefield, and you need to be able to use all the tools at your disposal to get where you need to be. Bad decision? Turn it into a good one; there are people depending on you, and it’s important that you are able to manipulate the world around you, no matter what state it’s in.

Focus: When the shrapnel is flying, do you have what it takes to keep marching forward, no matter what? Muddled thinking or a moment of indecision can cost lives, and keeping your ultimate goal at the forefront of your mind is paramount. Refuse to be distracted by the smaller issues at play and bounce back from every setback.

Toughness: Every leader has to show that they’re the boss from time to time, whether that’s by being big and macho, or quietly resilient. People will come at you from all angles when you’re making decisions, and letting both friend and foe know that you’re in charge will reassure those around you whilst deterring enemies from attacking.

Show them who's boss

Calculation: Leadership can quite often be about getting to the end goal one chess move at a time. Each move might seem minor to the outsider, but you know it’s all part of a much bigger picture, all meticulously put together with absolute precision. Life is unpredictable, of course, but less so if you’re the one pulling the strings.

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Follow the Leaders

So that’s the theory, but you’re standing on the frontline with a thousand troops behind you and reality starts to bite. Having a head full of knowledge without some concrete examples to fall back on is a recipe for disaster in the throes of war. With this in mind, let’s take a look at five famous world leaders and how they’d command a clan in one of our MMORPGs.

Be Confident Like Donald Trump

A lifetime in the cutthroat world of business and a few billion in the bank has given President Trump a confidence that borders on arrogance. Despite being in the early stages of his tenure as US President, Trump has used his bombastic style to push through some ideas that may or may not be positive for the nation. How? Simple: because he delivered his manifesto with an unflinching gusto that almost forced people to believe it.

If Trump was leading a clan, how would he do it? Well, it’s often a good strategy to protect your units in the early stages of the game and leave your castle undefended. This is where Trump would thrive. Because of his gung-ho attitude, he’d be more than willing to send every available unit out on a mission to build the strength of his army and only worry about threats when they happen. Indeed, because of his supreme confidence, he either wouldn’t consider that someone would attack him or he simply wouldn’t worry because he’d assume he’d win regardless.

Be Enterprising Like Vladimir Putin

Intelligence and hierarchy are two traits that have made Russia’s Vladimir Putin a strong leader. Thanks to his PhD in economics, Putin is someone that can assess a multitude of variables and use them to predict the potential outcome of a situation. Moreover, he’s someone who not only pushes the virtues of a rigid power structure, but understands how to use this structure to his advantage.

Always one step ahead

To put it another way, Putin is like a chess master that’s capable of making the best moves in any situation given the confines of the game he’s playing. Being able to control the right people in the right way is what’s kept him in power since 2011. Taking this quality into a game such as Vikings: War of Clans, Putin would be an expert at working inside a clan. Naturally, clans have their own hierarchy with the older and larger members usually dominating. Putin would understand this and seek to become the most powerful unit inside a clan and, therefore, call the shots.

Be Focused Like Kim Jong-un

His political and military methods might be the subject of debate among Western leaders, but there’s no doubting Kim Jong-un’s understanding of the game he plays. With his entire lineage steeped in power, he’s naturally got an advantage over those that could be described as “newcomers” to political leadership. For example, before entering British politics, Theresa May worked in finance. She is also the daughter of a vicar and not a noted world leader.

In contrast, Jong-un is the son of North Korea’s former leader Kim Jong-il who, in turn, was the son of the former leader, Kim Il-sung. If anything, Jong-un has politics and leadership bred into him and that’s a skill you can’t teach. Irrespective of his decisions, he’s someone that’s used to the pressure of leading a nation. Success in Strategy MMO games can hinge on every decision and goal you complete. Juggling your responsibilities as a leader with your daily life can be stressful, but it’s something someone with a mindset like Jong-un’s could manage.

Be Tough Like Theresa May

During her Brexit negotiations, May has continuously stated that “no deal is better than a bad deal”. This kind of confidence and defiance may be a risky strategy in some commentator’s eyes, but it’s one that defines her personality.

Although she’s not cast in quite the same mold as Margaret Thatcher, May has a certain unyielding determination that can play to her advantage. Indeed, if we look back to our list of traits you need to be a solid leader, confidence in your position, regardless of the potential outcome, is crucial if you believe you’re in the right.

Confidence is key

May is a leader who can be inflexible at times, which is something you need if you’re going to forge relationships in Throne: Kingdom at War. Joining an Order is essential, but you shouldn’t join the first one you find. You need to partner with a collective that compliments your interests and plays to your strengths. As May would say, if you’re not getting a good deal, then don’t agree a deal at all.

Be Calculated Like Angela Merkel

The final world leader worth learning from, is Germany’s Angela Merkel. A success in a variety of ways during a time of economic hardship across Europe, Merkel has shown that a cautious approach to politics, finance and foreign affairs can pay dividends in the long run. Indeed, as it stands, Germany now has the largest economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world.

Perhaps one of the most interesting qualities about Merkel is that she’s not the most charismatic or animated world leader. In fact, many would say she’s fairly robotic, but this is also her strength. By examining the small details and sticking to the facts, Merkel has been able to let things take care of themselves. Instead of pushing a particular agenda or issue, he’s simply present the strongest case and had faith in her calculations. Essentially, if you want to succeed, you need to take the emotion out of a situation and make the most strategically sound move.

Regardless of the eventual outcome, you should always be looking to make the move that facts suggest is correct. Of course, there are times when you need to be as animated and confident as trump, as enterprising as Putin, focused like Jong-un and determined as May. But ultimately you need to be calculated and listen to the voice of reason.

In the world of MMORPGs, things are going to go wrong but, as any great leader will tell you, you can’t let them get to you. If you can maintain an even keel and also do what you believe is right, you’ll not only inspire the masses, but achieve success in the long run.

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