Hustle Castle

Wacky Castle-Building & Combat
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Scan the QR code to get the mobile version of this game

Game Description

An epic medieval castle and its quirky dwellers are yours to command. Develop your fortress to your liking, and train your troops to be the best in the land!

They'll surely need that training too - your castle is surrounded by strange, evil forces: Grav the Mighty Brainpan, OM-NOM, the Abyss Lord… Will you let them threaten your subjects, or will you show them who’s boss?

Take charge, my lord!

Enjoy a story-driven campaign

Hundreds of missions await you. Rescue future subjects and deal with your eccentric inner circle as you traverse territories filled with orcs, giants, and even dragons!

Enhance your castle

Develop Training Rooms, a Treasury, a Dining Room – whatever you need to create the most impressive fortress in the land. You can also improve your own Throne Room!

Level up your dwellers

Equip dwellers with whatever you please and assign them any duties you see fit to develop their skills. Some may even fall in love and have children who will grow up to serve you too. And if someone isn’t quite up to task, you can banish them!

Dominate in PvP

It’s not just the Abyss Lord you have to watch out for. Other bloodthirsty players may want to burn and loot your castle... so burn and loot their castle first! 

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