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iOS Games
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Mobile gaming has become a core part of life for many of us in the past few years. We’ve grown accustomed to being able to pick up a smartphone or tablet and instantly start up an exciting game. All it takes is a few simple taps.

The iOS operating system has emerged as the backbone for many of the cutting edge games. Here, we will take a look at what makes the best iOS games so special and go over the variety of free iOS games available today.

What Are iOS Games?

iOS games are specifically created for the iOS operating system. Developed by Apple, the platform has risen to global prominence thanks to the widespread popularity and success of both the iPhone and the iPad. Today, the App Store has almost 958 000 games!

In fact, gaming on iOS has gained such prominence in recent years that the company launched its Apple Arcade service in 2019. Apple device users can now pay a monthly fee to access this subscription service and play as many iOS games as they like with no ads. So, it’s definitely the best time to pick up your favorite Apple device and start gaming!

Why Are iOS Games So Popular?

iOS games are popular for many different reasons, but some of the key ones are:

  • Convenience - iOS games are available on both iPhones and iPads. That means players can freely switch devices and access them quickly, whenever they want.
  • Widespread device use - The devices which support iOS have become hugely popular in recent years with many people using them to play games, and they’re only becoming more ubiquitous.
  • Sophisticated tech - The operating system can handle high-quality graphics and gameplay, so iOS games easily rival the experience offered on other devices.
  • Variety and range - Developers have created many different games for iOS, so you can opt for anything from casual games to more immersive titles.
  • Social - There are plenty of games that allow you to play against others, which is ideal if you are seeking a bit of competition with friends and family.
  • F2P options - Like other forms of mobile gaming, iOS games have in some cases embraced the free-to-play model. This means players can get a good grasp of a title before parting with any cash.

A History of iOS Games

Gaming has been part of Apple’s App Store since the beginning and some of the very first games to feature in the store allowed players to take on friends seamlessly through their phone.

As time went on, developers recognized the major possibilities offered by devices like the iPhone. Over time, the sensors on these devices multiplied and iOS games have used them cleverly to develop new and intriguing experiences. Some of them use the phone’s capabilities like the accelerometer to control the game. For example, one of the games requires you to tilt the phone to change the surface gradient and cause a ball to roll in the direction of your choosing.

When Apple allowed developers to offer in-app purchases it marked another major moment in the history of iOS games. This allowed developers to monetize without the initial hurdle of a fee using the free-to-play model. It has now become the standard in mobile gaming since it gives all users, gamers or not, the chance to get started on the best free iOS games.

What Are iOS Games Like Today?

Mobile games have undeniably become hugely popular in recent years. Playing on smartphone and tablet has become the norm and iOS games have had a big impact in that sense. Premium and free iOS games come in many different forms now, from simple puzzle titles to immersive, in-depth experiences. There truly is something for everyone.

This accessibility is reflected in the fact that games were the most downloaded app type on the App Store in 2019. Sales from digital goods and services on the platform across the year also reached $61 billion, with games being the largest generator within the category. In-app advertising was found to account for $45 billion, with 44 percent of that coming from games!

What Makes the Best iOS Games?

There is no single way to define the best iOS games, but certain elements are well worth looking out for.

Novel Experiences

Some of the best iOS games make clever use of iPhone or iPad capabilities to bring new possibilities to life. We’ve already touched upon how some titles have used sensors. Others have also embraced innovations like augmented reality to offer a fresh experience.

Immersive Action

You generally play iOS games on a small screen, but they can still offer a truly immersive experience. Modern titles often feature incredibly detailed graphics or provide a storyline or gameplay with enough depth for years of fun.

Free to Play (F2P)

Some of the best free iOS games give you a chance to sample the action for no charge, but then allow you to purchase items that boost your overall play. This often means that you can customize the experience, tailoring it to suit you.

The Variety of iOS Games

Both premium and free iOS games come in many different forms these days and here are just a few types that you should consider trying:


Possibly the best iOS games available today are those that continue the legacy of the early casual classics. From a wide variety of puzzles that vary in their intricacy to the match 3 titles that took casual gaming by storm, this genre truly offers something for everyone. If you’re just looking for some fun during a short break, you can also try the extremely popular hypercasual subgenre that has games designed for those exact moments. 


In recent years, many major racing games have certainly done well on iOS. Racing titles are truly immersive on iOS, with the accelerometer creating a level of physical interaction unmatched on any other platform. You can enjoy racing games on a single-player basis, but many of them also give you the chance to get together and compete with friends.

Battle Royale 

The Battle Royale genre has been a runaway success in gaming in recent years, and it has successfully crossed over to mobile, joining the pantheon of the best iOS games. Again, players have the chance to compete against others in the many different environments of these action-packed games.


Role-playing games offer players a truly immersive experience, as players often have to choose between plenty of options and tackle all sorts of challenges in these titles. It is gaming on a huge scale – even if you’re just playing on a handheld device.

Go Mobile with the Best iOS Games

Gamers of a certain age will remember the days when playing on a mobile meant a couple of rounds of simple fun in 2D. However, the best free iOS games show just how much mobile gaming has changed in the last decade or so. There are many exciting experiences out there to enjoy, so see what you can discover today.