Nova Legends

High-Octane Solarpunk Idle RPG

Game Description

The discovery of Nova Energy changed mankind forever. Unlocking never-before-seen potential, it created living superheroes — superheroes whose powers were soon coveted by those with more nefarious goals. Now it’s up to you to assemble a team of Nova Legends and save our future — one battle at a time.

Explore a Solarpunk Future

With the discovery of Nova Energy, the human race has ascended and Earth is forever changed. But it’s far from a harmonious utopia, and you’ll need a team of Nova Legends of your own to defend it.

Meet Your Nova Legends

Get to know a cast of over 60 Heroes split between six factions, each with their own plans for this vibrant futuristic world. Each Hero is unique, having a distinct backstory and personality as well as a roster of skills to help your team fight for victory.

Team Up with the Best

Assemble your personal Nova Legends dream team. Join a clan. Fight alongside your friends - or against them in nail-biting PvP battles. What’s more, you can even swap Heroes with your friends and clanmates.

Enjoy Non-Stop Progression

Need to take a break? Your Heroes don’t. Even while you’re not in game, your team will continue leveling up and earning rewards, letting you seamlessly slip back into the driver’s seat when you return.

Crush Multiple Game Modes

Power through the Arcade, defeat the Daily Boss, run the Gauntlet, or even smash your way to the top of the Tower — Nova Legends has game modes for every playstyle.

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