Terminator Genisys: Future War

Classic Sci-Fi MMORTS Conflict

Game Description

It is time for a war that will define humanity forever. Will you fight to survive Skynet’s unceasing assault, or will you help bring about the end of the self-destructive creatures that thought themselves the masters of the world?

As members of the human Resistance, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Skynet’s primary core is down, but secondary protocols have been activated all across the globe, and they are as determined as ever to destroy humanity. So, protect what’s yours at all costs!

If you join the forces of Skynet, though, you have one goal. Your systems are damaged, your forces depleted, but your mission is clear: eliminate the human race. Rebuild what was destroyed, bring your core up to full capacity, and bring war to the world once again.

Build Your Base

Whichever side you choose, you’ll need to sustain your war machine. Build up infrastructure to help gather resources, mobilize units, and research new technologies.

Improve Your Forces

Technology and research can turn basic infantry into powerful combatants. It will take the most cutting-edge tech to overcome your foes, so explore an advanced and customizable tech tree to make sure your edge is fit to cut with.

Lead Your Armies

Your forces will also need guidance. Your Leaders have sophisticated skill trees you’ll need to master if you’re going to get the most out of every soldier and combat unit.

Destroy Your Enemies

The human resistance has fractured while Skynet’s forces override each other, constantly trying to gain an advantage. So, your natural allies could also be your greatest enemies. Take your forces, gather those who can truly aid you, and crush your foes on the field of battle.

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