The Top 5 Match-3 Games for 2023

Last updated: 12/27/2023
6 minutes read

Even though the list of top match-3-games is subjective and always changing, we believe to have found some of the best games out there right now.

So, if you’re a fan of puzzles and symbols, check out below the top five match 3 games you really can't miss out on in 2023.

Just before deep-diving into our top titles of the genre, make sure you know the fundamentals.

What Are Match 3 Games?

Match 3 games are puzzles in which you need to line up identical symbols. Doing this causes the symbols to disappear and/or a section of the puzzle to be completed. The aim of match 3 games is to complete all parts of the puzzle. So why are they called match 3? Because the number of symbols you have to align in order to complete a pattern is, you guessed it, three.

There are sometimes limits on the number of moves you can make or time restrictions. Some match 3 games, such as those brought up in our list, have additional in-game features and challenges.

What Was the Original Match 3 Game?

Shariki, released in 1994, is often regarded as the first official match 3 game. However, the concept of tile-matching dates back centuries to games such as Mahjong and dominos. From these early offerings, video games such as Tetris became popular. Then, as the puzzle genre evolved, match 3 games came to the foreground. Today, you can play premium and totally free match 3 games via any device, including smartphones and tablets.

The Best Match 3 Games - 2023 Edition

We’ve given you a brief history of match 3 games and how they work, now it’s time to list the genre’s finest offerings. So here are the top five match 3 games for 2023:

1. Best Escape Room Match 3 Game: The Room

Escape rooms have been popular for well over a decade now and The Room is a perfect meeting of genres. In fact, if you want to play match 3 games free online and want something extra, this is the one for you. Why? Because each puzzle you solve unlocks another part of the room and, therefore, another mystery!

Match three games typically keep you engaged because they’re ephemeral i.e. you can start and stop playing whenever you want. That’s why they’re often referred to as casual games. Free match 3 games in this mold are fun for a while but they can get quite repetitive.

Because you don’t have an overarching goal, other than matching symbols, it’s easy to lose interest. This is where The Room is different. Because it’s got that escape room mystery element, there’s always a reason to solve the next puzzle. This, combined with impressive graphics, makes it one of the best match 3 games we’ve tried.

2. Most Challenging Match 3 Game: Euclidean Skies

If you want to play match 3 games for free online, Euclidean Skies isn’t for you. However, if you’re willing to pay the download fee, you’ll get access to one of the most visually impressive and complex match 3 games out there.

Euclidean Skies is a bit like Rubik’s Cube. However, instead of rotating blocks in order to match colors, you’re moving them to gain a tactical advantage over your enemies. Basically, each set of blocks you move helps to solve the puzzle and move your characters into position. Once you’ve solved the puzzle and got everyone into position, they’ll see off the enemy.

We know that paying for content isn’t always appealing when there are plenty of totally free match 3 games out there. However, you get what you pay for with Euclidean Skies. The aesthetics are absolutely stunning and the gameplay is not only challenging but also very unique.

3. Best 3D Match 3 Game: Manifold Garden

Like Euclidean Skies, Manifold Garden costs money to download. However, the level of complexity and depth it has compared to other match 3 games is truly impressive. Your overarching aim is to build a garden and unlock new pathways, by matching symbols in a world where the limits of physics are tested.

Basically, you get to play in a unique 3D world filled with innovative structures. From a purely aesthetic perspective, Manifold Garden is one of the best-looking match 3 games available online, hands down. However, it’s not just a pretty face. This game has plenty of challenging levels and the 3D layout means you constantly have to think hard about what you’re doing.

In fact, it’s this complexity that makes it worthy of a premium price tag. Yes, we’ll admit there are enough free online match 3 games out there so paying for content isn’t always necessary, but Manifold Garden might just be the exception, as we certainly think its cost is justified.

4. Best Match 3 Story Game: Mystery Match

Free online match 3 games with a storyline are always fun, and aren't as common as we might like them to be, making Mystery Match all the more worth a try.

You take on the role of Emma Fairfax, a detective working on solving mysteries in a puzzle-filled world.

There are five different types of puzzles to solve and more than 1,700 levels to clear. That’s more than most match 3 games and, at least according to us, it’s enough to keep you amused for a very long time. The reason we’ve ranked Mystery Match among our top five match 3 games for 2023 is the story element: each puzzle is an isolated challenge as well as a piece of a much larger puzzle.

To make a long story short, matching symbols and solving puzzles unlocks new clues, characters, and challenges. All of these things play into the overarching storyline which means you’re solving puzzles to solve the main mystery. That, for us, makes Mystery Match super engaging.

5. Best Match 3 Game for 2023: Gem & Jewel Blast

Amazon has a bunch of totally free match 3 games. Gem & Jewel Blast came out in 2023 and instantly gained the respect of match 3 games lovers. Like all the best free online match 3 games, your job is to swipe, swap, and line up three or more matching items. In this game, gems and jewels are the objects of choice.

The best match 3 games need something more to elevate them above the average, which is why Gem & Jewel Blast has some novel features. There are thousands of levels and the developers are creating new ones all the time, so you probably won’t get to the end of this game. There are leaderboards so you can share your results on social media and challenge friends.

Like other popular free match 3 games, Gem & Jewel Blast can be played offline. Finally, there are bonus rounds, prize boosts, and special features, such as crystal ice blocks you can smash to uncover extra symbols. Overall, if you’re looking for a product that stays true to the mechanics of match 3 games but has some nice added extras, Gem & Jewel Blast is great.