Apple Vision Pro Games We're Looking Forward to Playing

Last updated: 4/15/2024
8 minutes read

Apple’s Vision Pro was a long time coming, as a kind of later arrival to the augmented reality market. Like many of Apple’s delays, this would prove well the wait, as the tech giant wanted to iron out the kinks and deliver a system that could stand among the best on the market.

While the Vision Pro is a powerful tool in its own right, as fans of electronic entertainment we're more interested in Apple Vision Pro games. This led us and many other gamers to wonder, can you play games on Apple Vision Pro, and what can we expect from the future of the system?

Looking at the current catalog and what we might expect to see in the different VR and AR markets for the device, we want to explore what’s possible, and what players of the future might look forward to.

Apple Vision Pro Games Coming Soon

Talented developers have been figuratively frothing at the mouth to explore the Vision Pro space, with many big names leaning on prior industry experience. We expect a few names behind existing big AR games to port their titles in the coming months, as well as deliver some impressive original releases. As for the games already in production, the following are releases that we can't wait to get our digital hands on.


Already available on Meta Quest, the four-player co-op dungeon-crawler Demeo is also looking to make waves on the Vision Pro. You'll roll dice, play cards, and find yourself in an immersive world that truly captures what the future holds for the world of AR tabletop gaming.


Billed as a point halfway between a game and a wellness app, Mindway uses the capabilities of the Vision Pro to generate a relaxing world of meditation and problem-solving. Alone or with friends, Mindway is all about finding a way to a positive state of mind, which, come to think about it, might explain the name.

Spire Blast

A kind of mix between Puzzle Bobble and Angry Birds, Spire Blast has you advance through a series of challenges to knock down the towers of likely unhappy builders. We expect this game to be just as fun as its inspirations, and just as hard to put down.

Alto’s Odyssey

The best way we could describe Alto's Odyssey is a kind of 2D take on the Journey, the fantastic and relaxing exploration game for PlayStation. You'll cross beautiful vistas, glide through enormous leaps, and feel some kind of blend between man and freestyle motocross star. We can't wait to sway along to this one.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

Already a popular title on other systems, we're excited about what the world of AR could bring to the branch-swinging gameplay of Gibbon: Beyond the Trees. Getting into the zone and swinging through the world was always amazing in this title, and it holds even more potential in the visual space of augmented reality.

There's no doubt the Vision Pro has enormous potential in AR, but the nature of the device means it could be a natural fit for VR games too. Savvy users have already managed to get many titles playing as Apple Vision Pro VR games, and we expect this library to continue to grow. There might be some hurdles in getting controllers to work properly, but we're already seeing solutions to this challenge begin to appear.

Whether looking at native support or through a (legal) workaround, the answer to can the Apple Vision Pro play VR games is increasingly yes. So, what existing titles would be great on this system?

Beat Saber

Beat Saber has already enjoyed a long legacy as one of VR’s best games, and we’d expect no different from its potential on Apple’s AR platform. Beat Saber is part rhythm game and part exercise tool, and its low requirements would make it a perfect exploratory title for the Vision Pro. Who knows, it could even benefit from additional AR functionality somewhere down the road too.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

It’s already one of the best games released in the original form, the remake, and the existing VR version of the remake, so why not on the Vision Pro too? Resident Evil 4 is beautiful, it’s scary, and it finds that perfect balance between being serious and campy. Another excuse to rescue the president’s daughter is just fine with us.

No Man’s Sky

Setting the scale to a galactic level, No Man’s Sky has a complicated past that eventually became one of the biggest redemption stories in gaming. The modern versions of this space-faring title let you explore the galaxy, claim planets, build bases, join clans, engage in galactic trade, and join with friends while you do it. 

No Man’s Sky is a title we never get tired of, and it’s still seeing consistent fantastic updates to this day. It’s only going to get better, and we want to be there on Vision Pro when it does.

Half-Life Alyx

Arguably the best VR title released, and also the one that presents the biggest challenge in porting over to Apple's platform. Alyx needs a complicated controller setup for players to get the most from the experience, but we’d bet good money on solutions here being a matter of when and not if. Whether avoiding head crabs or taking down Combine, Alyx is an unmissable experience, even if it's not Half-Life 3.

Apple Vision Pro's Game Catalogue

If you’re fortunate enough to already have your hands on a Vision Pro and you’re looking for games, don’t worry, we have you covered too. The iOS game library can already compete with some of the best, so there's no telling what the power and potential of the Vision Pro might add to the mix. The following are just a taste of the Apple Vision games already in the wild, so charge up, and get ready to drop in.

Super Fruit Ninja

A series in need of no introduction, Super Fruit Ninja takes the classic sugar-samurai gameplay of the original and throws the fruit at you in augmented reality. Offering four different modes, this simple title is a great way to introduce players to AR gaming, and even better, it's much better for your carpet than gallons of real fruit juice.

Bloons TF 6+

The ultimate version of one of the best tower defense games comes to Vision Pro with Bloons TF 6+. If anyone asks if you can play games on the Apple Vision Pro that involve monkeys using turrets to explode an increasingly tough series of balloons your answer, finally, can be yes. The integration here is a little simple, but the game is so good that we still have to give it a pass.


When you consider what games you can play on Apple Vision Pro, you have to accept that imagination is going to be king. The rhythm game DapTap illustrates this idea perfectly, a title that superimposes a futuristic mixing table directly into your home. Flow with the beats and keep pace in a release that makes you look super cool in front of spectators.

Wisp World

Take the classic Bonzi Buddy of the past, add enormous amounts of functionality, remove the spyware, and drop him into your AR space, and you have Wisp World. This AR forest spirit friend is powered by AI, letting you build a relationship and enjoy just chilling out together. Let’s just hope he doesn’t end up like so many Tamagotchis of years gone.

Game Room

Not all Apple Vision Pro video games have to take us to the future, as demonstrated by Game Room. This title includes six classic games like chess and solitaire, placing them on a virtual table for you to play alone or with friends. Sometimes simplistic is best, and Game Room perfectly illustrates this concept.

Where can you play Apple Vision Pro?

There’s little doubt that we’ll see many iPad and the best iPhone games 2023 and series translated to the AR space, but we're even more excited about untapped and unexplored built from the ground up for the Vision Pro.

Since the release of Apple Vision Pro, many are wondering where you can use the device, what games are available and whether or not it's compatible with consoles. As it stands, Vision Pro cannot connect directly to the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X, or any other current gaming console. 

They have plenty of compatible games, many of which we've covered here, that offer seamless gaming experiences matching those of the traditional gaming consoles. Apple Vision Pro is its own gaming console, mobile and computer in one, and while it may take users time to get used to new features, we're sure the gaming elements of the Pro will only increase over time. 


While we’re still early in the lifespan of Apple’s Vision Pro, we can’t help but be excited for the future. Apple is all about iteration, and we know this already impressive platform has nowhere to go but up. The only real questions we still have is where it might go in gaming, and how many of the best iOS games in 2023 we might eventually see on the device.

It’s an exhilarating time to be a gamer interested in new tech, and with all the future potential, it gives us time to prepare our wallets for what comes next.