5 of the Worst Places to Play a Mobile MMO

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Thanks to mobile technology, we can play online strategy games and MMOs pretty much anywhere (as long as we have Wi-Fi). However, the fact that you CAN play anytime, anywhere doesn’t mean you should. True, we already did provide you with a few good ways to play while at work, but there are places even we can’t condone playing any type of online game.

Here is list of 5 places you should never play a mobile MMO.

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Public Restrooms

I know what you’re thinking - the bathroom is the perfect place to play on your mobile. Generally speaking, you’re right. Mobile games and toilet breaks go hand in hand perfectly. However, you don’t really want to be in a situation where an angry man is banging on the door of your stall, cursing your very existence while you’re frantically bolstering your defenses against a coming attack. On the other hand, that sounds perfect for immersion...

Your Own Wedding

While there aren’t many occasions more joyous than when your League finally takes control over a Beacon, your wedding day should probably be considered one of them. Put your mobile device away for just one day, and celebrate with your loved one. Just stay away from the open bar so you still have your wits about you when you inevitably start playing again, the second your partner falls asleep.

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While Driving

Are you INSANE?! I don't care how easy it seems to you to be piloting a 3000-pound metal death-machine at 70 miles an hour, but you can't game and drive. EVER. If the value of human life isn’t enough to convince you to concentrate on the road, remember this - while there is Wi-Fi in Hell, it’s very, very, very slow. You don’t want to be stuck crushing candy for all eternity, do you?


At this height, the reception is probably pretty good, and you do have some time to kill before you have to deal with the trivialities such as gravity and Newton’s third law of motion. However, you run the chance of dropping your phone, which would be bad for both you and whomever it might land on. But I understand the appeal - not many people can claim they came crashing down on their enemies from 13,000 feet. Now you just need to live to tell the tale.

Judgement Day

The machines have risen against us! Mobile devices are now humanity’s deadliest enemies. Soon, mobile MMOs will be playing you! Leave your phone behind and take up arms against the mechanized threat - it’s time to put all that tactical know-how you gained playing online strategy games to good use. However, even if we win and the machines are defeated, humanity will face a world without mobile devices and MMOs. I’m not entirely sure that’s a world worth fighting for.

These are but some of the places and times you should never, ever, whip out your phone or tablet and play a mobile MMO. To tell you the truth, composing this list was kind of tough, since deep down we don’t really believe there is a time and a place you cannot play MMOs. Well, maybe during Judgement Day, when it eventually arrives, and only if you wish to fight AGAINST the machines, and not with them. Remember - the machines have free Wi-Fi.

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