It’s a game of information – keep on top of it!

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Strategy games are all about information, so make sure you know (almost) everything!

Always keep an eye on what your enemies are doing - guard your base with protective / spying units and leave a dormant, sacrificial unit there as a “spy” there to gain even more information on your enemies. This will give you an insight into who raids who and with what type of units. As the saying goes; "know your enemy!"

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Gaining data such as this can give you huge tactical advantages in the game. Always check your battle reports, too. When you start feeling too comfortable and too secure, that is usually the time when most of your enemies will strike!

Along the same lines, spying on your enemies before you attack them will save you a lot of grief in the long run. The smarter ones will spy on you a few times to see how your Resource levels change over the course of a few days, before finally attacking.

However, please be aware that most players do not take too kindly to being spied on! Most will take it as a warning that you are preparing or even thinking to attack them, and so will usually go on the offensive and deploy a counter-raid! As always in war, the best and most successful attacks are those on targets that don’t see you coming!

Pick your battles: choose your spying targets carefully and beware of the larger enemies – you may not like the response you receive if a powerful players feels like you’re impeding on his territory.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that we are advising staying hidden in your base, though; fortune does favour the brave! Those who take the risks and actively seek extra resources are - more often than not - rewarded for their impetus…

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Don't Cheat Yourself

Aside from knowing your enemy, you must also know the game itself and its mechanics like the back of your hand if you have any hopes of sitting atop your own pedestal, ruling over whichever game takes your fancy.

Mastering the in-game technology or skill tree is always an integral part of online games, and it's this part that always causes problems for a lot of MMO newcomers. We could discuss the ins and outs of speedily acquiring the needed items and progressing through the technology tree all day if we had time, but for now, we'll just leave you with one quick tip: when you've got duplicates of any item or technology, don't sell it back to the in-game "bank"!

You will always, and we do mean always, get a better price by selling directly to another player on the ‘market’. Sometimes it’s worth holding on to doubles from a large set – where 12 Technologies are needed and you have 5 or 6, including some doubles, don’t be tempted to start trading / swapping early.

Wait until you only have 2/3 of the set left and you know EXACTLY what you need before trading any of the duplicate Technologies.
Remember, patience is a virtue when it comes to being the best player you can be!

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