7 Ways to Cope with Gamer Rage

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Online games can be aggravating at times. Anyone who has ever played a competitive shooter, MMORPG, or online strategy game can testify to the fact that there are times when you simply want to reach through the screen and strangle someone. It could be that annoying camper who ended your amazing kill streak with a cheap shot or that dastardly fellow who stole half your Resources just when you were finally ready to construct an impervious defense system for your base. Once you surrender to anger, your gaming skills start to plummet, and that only fuels your rage and desire for revenge.

There are many different ways to vent anger and frustration, but most gamers usually stick to verbal abuse, incoherent screams, death threats and the occasional keyboard flying across the room. So instead of screaming until your neighbors call the police or destroying expensive hardware, here are 7 other ways you can cope with gamer rage.

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Calm Down

Relax, it’s only a game! No, we’re totally messing with you - being told to “relax” or “calm down” only enrages us gamers even more. We won’t “calm down”, this is freaking important! Our rage is justified and it needs to be expressed!

Do Something You Enjoy

Whenever you’re angry or full of rage, just stop doing what you’re doing and go do something you truly enjoy. It can be anything, like watching a movie or playing an online game… oh… ahhhh… forget I said anything...

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Do Something Less Stressful

Online gaming is competitive by nature, and that can be stressful. We suggest that you try and avoid these levels of stress. Do something less stressful, like juggling chainsaws or providing dental care to a great white shark. You’ll feel the rage just melt away, instantly replaced by cold, bone-chilling fear. At least you’re not angry anymore, right?

Destroy Cheap Hardware

Gaming equipment and accessories are expensive. It’s tempting to grab your high-end keyboard and bash it on the table repeatedly until either it or the keyboard breaks, but then you have to go buy a new one, and those things aren’t cheap. What you can do, however, is keep around a bunch of really cheap hardware - like mice, keyboards and even screens - that you can unleash your inner Hulk on and smash to bits! Both you and your bank account will thank us for this.

Join a Grindcore Band

As any gamer knows, screaming is a proven method of venting anger, but why not channel that anger towards something productive like music to achieve fame and fortune? Years of gaming rage has turned you into an expert screamer anyway, so take the role of a Grindcore band frontman to create beautiful, angry music that’s loud as hell. You can also dabble in Death, Black, or Hardcore Punk if you’re not THAT angry.


Get a punching bag you can take out all your aggression on. Not only will it absorb all your pent-up rage and violent tendencies, it will actually help add some mass and strength to your punches, so when you finally meet that camper face-to-face you’ll be able to teach them a thing or two. If punching isn’t your thing, you can go for a run while screaming your lungs out. It might make you look like a crazy person, but it’s great cardio.


We read somewhere that laughing works wonders for defusing anger. It has something to do with shifting your point of view and distracting your brain or something. We are all for laughter, so whenever you get really angry, just laugh! Laugh maniacally as you plan sweet, sweet revenge on your mortal enemies.

Now that you are rage-free, it’s time to relax, boot up your favorite online game and get angry all over again when some hacker n00b totally dominates you. It’s ok though - this article will be waiting here for you every time your gamer’s rage rears its ugly head.

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