What are the Best PC Games of All Time?

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This is a question we find ourselves asking constantly, and it's not one with any easy answers. Like with Mac games, PC games have a history running back decades, so narrowing these down to the best pc games of all time is no easy task.

How did we choose from the thousands of PC games available? We have spent the last few days running the numbers and considered hundreds of games. We looked at factors such as review scores, sales numbers, how influential the titles are, and how well they hold up today.


We have narrowed down an accurate assessment of 10 of the greatest PC games of all time, and here's what we came up with:

10 – PUBG (PUBG Corporation, 2017)

As the most modern entry on our list, PUBG finds its place as one of the best PC games of all time. This is thanks to its influence on the now enormous battlegrounds genre. Setting 100 players against each other in a huge battle royale might seem like an obvious idea.

But it took some time for this game to finally prove the concept in action. PUBG remains many players’ favorite, both competitively and for messing around with friends. It is also largely responsible for the international success of Fortnite.

9 – League of Legends (Riot Games, 2009)

It might seem hard to believe now, but when it first came out, LoL was questioned for its free-to-play economy. Borrowing from the original DOTA Warcraft 3 mod, LoL not only showed that free-to-play works, but that it works well.

Now one of the most popular and profitable titles in gaming’s history, League of Legends earns its place among the best pc games of all time.

8 – Grand Theft Auto 5 (Rockstar North, 2013)

Though the GTA series has been popular ever since the first title was released back in 1997, GTA 5 took the property to new heights. Now the most profitable game in the world, at least based on game sales and microtransactions, GTA 5 has stood the test of time.

The game survived three console generations and still boasts millions of players on PC. So, GTA 5's position as one of the best pc games of all time is well-founded.

7 – StarCraft (Blizzard, 1998)

Some games have to fight to be recognized among the best PC games of all time, where others slip into that place naturally. StarCraft is a prime example of the latter, with the early RTS title setting the stage for what competitive RTS could accomplish.

It set the framework for international eSports, which is why StarCraft is still loved, and for good reason.

6 – Quake (ID Software, 1996)

Before Quake, 3D worlds in video games were extremely limited. Though rough 3D environments could exist, none were as detailed as Quake’s, and none boasted the incredible 3D models that Quake did.

If you believe that popularizing multiplayer online gaming can earn a place as a contender for the title of the best PC games of all time, then you can’t deny Quake's greatness.

5 – Diablo 2 (Blizzard, 2000)

The original Diablo was fantastic in its own right, even if a little clunky. Diablo 2, however, improved on the first game’s formula by leaps and bounds. The game had five classes to choose from at launch.

Along with four varied acts, a huge library of items, and potential builds, Diablo 2 was heaven for early multiplayer RPG enthusiasts. This is a title that has always been one of the best PC games of all time, and rightly so. Let's hope the remaster lives up to the hype!

4 – Half-Life (Valve, 1998)

What Quake did for 3D in FPS games, Half-Life did for expanding the storytelling experience. This game starts with a 20-minute actionless introduction, which was unprecedented at the time. Half-Life’s world-building was like nothing that had come before.

It showed that shooters could be more serious, and deliver more than just action. The engine also went on to power titles like Counter-Strike, another title that just missed out on a place on this list for one of the best PC games of all time.

3 – World of Warcraft (Blizzard, 2004)

Following the release of Warcraft 3 in 2002, Blizzard was unsure which direction the franchise could take. After some experimentation, they settled on building an MMO that would surpass all others.

WoW followed on from its predecessors, Everquest and Ultima Online, to evolve the genre. Only recently dethroned as the most popular MMO by Final Fantasy 14, WoW’s place among the best PC games of all time is beyond question.

2 – Minecraft (Mojang, 2011)

Minecraft found its way onto the net with its early alpha and beta versions. Players were quick to announce the project's untapped potential.

This faith would prove to be well-founded, as Minecraft today is not just one of the best PC games of all time, it's also the best-selling game in history.

This game offers strong community spirit, an enormous modding community, and fun without age barriers. Minecraft is now an institution, and it’s only going to get bigger.

1 – Doom (ID Software, 1993)

No list of the best PC games of all time is going to be complete without a mention of Doom. It's impossible to understate the importance that Doom had not only for gaming but the entire PC market.

Often regarded as a system seller for PC, Doom was so big that, at one point, it was installed on more computers than Microsoft Windows. With demon-slaying, big guns, and a community still active to this day, Doom easily tops our list.

In Conclusion

Of course, no list of the best PC games of all time is going to make everyone happy. Like every artistic project, there’s a lot of room for subjective taste in Windows games. So, it’s okay if you disagree with some of the titles on our list, or even all of them!

At the end of the day, the best PC games of all time are the ones that mean the most to you, and in that, there are no wrong answers.

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