The Best ARPG Games Available Today

Last updated: 4/2/2024
6 minutes read

Action role-playing games

Action role-playing games are a popular modern genre, with more and more series moving in the ARPG direction. Action RPG games help give legs to traditionally more straightforward action games, providing increased longevity and allowing for a more expansive and evolving experience.

They're also a genre that constantly undergoes redefinition with technological leaps, as different developers experiment with different gameplay systems.

With so much variety to choose from in paid and free games to play, it’s natural to wonder which are the best action RPG games available today. We’ve written this page to sort through the pack and find the best, to find you the best ARPG games for your buck.

What does ARPG game mean? 📌

An ARPG game is an RPG game that offers real-time combat. Action RPGs will still often include classic elements like RPG classes, just extended into a battle system that you have direct control over. This can mean running, dodging, and casting spells, but it can also vary considerably depending on the game.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring took every lesson that the developer, From Software, had learned from their Soulsborne ARPG games and consolidated them into one amazing package. Elden Ring is huge, it’s mysterious, it’s challenging, and it’s seeing a DLC release coming soon. Join us, Tarnished, and won’t regret your quest to become an Elden Lord.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

The second game in the FF7 remake trilogy, Rebirth expands on the action, RPG, and world of its predecessor in a fantastically ambitious title. Follow Cloud and his ragtag group of eco-terrorists as you save the world from the ever-destructive Shinra and seek a 1v1 against the monstrous Sephiroth.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Still held high as a pinnacle of game story-telling, The Witcher 3 takes Geralt on his biggest adventure yet. One of the best PC games downloads with mods or standalone on this or other platforms, you’ll try to recover your adopted daughter and hold off the titular Wild Hunt. Before any of that though, care to play some Gwent?

Diablo 3

Not the latest in the ARPG game series, but Diablo 3 is still arguably the most engaging Diablo title for new players. It also might not be one of the most realistic games out there, but won’t care as you hunt down the Prime Evils as a fabled Nephilim. One of the best games to make you feel like an overpowered killing machine at the end, as you show the Lord or Terror the true meaning of fear.

Fallout: New Vegas 📢

We were torn between this and Skyrim from Bethesda’s lineup, but we feel New Vegas just finds a win in our best ARPG games list. Travel the irradiated wastes of a hell-blasted Nevada as you check out one of the best Windows games with mods or again as a vanilla experience. We even have a new TV series arriving soon to help give context to the world!

Borderlands 3

Any mention of looter-shooter in our glossary has to mention the Borderlands series, and number three is the latest and greatest of these titles. Play up to four-player co-op as one of four characters in the FPS ARPG and use an array of imaginative weapons and abilities. Also, remember you can skip the cutscenes if you find the humor a little too... much.

Monster Hunter Rise

If your idea of a perfect day out is hunting down enormous beasts, wielding a crazy selection of weapons, and eating food prepared by cat people, Monster Hunter Rise could be perfect for you. Multiplayer is a big part of this game, and while it's not one of the free online games to download, it might be worth saving up for.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons isn't the biggest of the APRG games on this list, but it is one of the most welcoming to ARPG newcomers. Drop into the Minecraft world as you eschew mining for dungeon crawling in a light and fun experience for all ages. Yes, lava is as dangerous as ever.


One of the best indie titles ever released, Hades from Supergiant Games has you take the boots of Zagreus as you escape from the underworld and your eponymous father. This roguelike is always a challenge while also featuring fantastic writing and gorgeous artwork.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is easily one of the best free action games to play today. This FPS has you operating from a recovering future earth as a Guardian under the watchful eye of the Traveler. Play as one of three classes, explore the solar system, and take part in an evolving storyline to take down ancient enemies.


ARPG games are a natural evolution of modern games getting longer. Each big new game needs to find a way to stay interesting over many hours, and RPG elements come into play as a perfect fit for player growth. ARPG games perfectly encapsulate this idea, where gaining power and abilities to overcome an ever-growing challenge provides a true feeling of progression.

Each of the above games captures the ARPG spirit perfectly, and each has earned its place in gaming history. Whether you’re a fan of horror games or more light-hearted takes, there’ll be something here for you, just don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost in their worlds until the small hours of the morning.


What is the difference between MMO and ARPG?

There are several key differences between MMOs and ARPG, though the two genres aren't mutually exclusive. MMOs necessarily include massively multiplayer elements, whereas ARPG games simply need action role-playing elements. Some of the most popular MMORPGs in 2024 include both!

What makes a game an action RPG?

The ARPG meaning is that a game needs to be action-based while including RPG elements like leveling, stat growth, gear, crafting, or any common RPG systems. Just how much a game learns on either side of this equation can vary to a huge degree.

What is action RPG vs action adventure?

ARPG games tend to involve more character evolution and RPG growth, while action adventure games will typically have the player character the same throughout the game. The best action adventure games like the Uncharted series perfectly illustrate this latter genre.

What is ARPG vs RPG?

ARPG games are simply RPG games with a heavier emphasis on real-time action instead of time or turned-based systems. When you play RPG games like the classic Final Fantasy VII, for example, you’re playing a traditional RPG, while the action-combat remakes are ARPG games.

What is the oldest ARPG?

While there is debate around many games illustrating the first of their genres, general consensus points to 1984’s Dragon Slayer as the first ARPG game. Released for the PC-8801, this was one of the most popular games of the system, while also setting off a revolution in gaming design.