The Top 15 Co Op Games Every Gamer Has to Try Once

Last updated: 12/24/2023
6 minutes read

Gaming had long enjoyed a legacy of bringing people together. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in the world of co op games, where people work together to overcome obstacles and achieve a final goal. Whether you’re playing with family, friends, or strangers, co op games illustrate some of humanity’s best aspects, and we love them for it.

With around forty years in the mainstream, there are thousands of co op games that players today can jump into. From shooting aliens to mini maxing characters or racing against the clock, the choices here are seemingly infinite.

To help you out, we’ve written this list of the best co op games that you can enjoy as of today, and a couple of games to look forward to. For old friends or new ones, these titles are a great way to celebrate the possibilities of teamwork.

Our Pick of Top 15 Co Op Games

1. Unravel Two

Swing around the world as a pair of Yarnies in one of the best couch co op games to come out in years. This challenging platformer ties you together with your partner as you overcome challenges, run from obstacles, and try to understand a story that unfolds behind you.

2. Minecraft

Minecraft is easily one of the best co op Switch games, but it’s available on practically every other platform too. Build with your friends and go on adventures as you work together on projects or try to get kitted out in the best gear possible on your way to the Ender Dragon.

3. Borderlands

The FPS Borderland titles are fantastic co op games with vivid worlds and randomized weapon drops. The characters in these titles act like classes in RPG games, each providing a selection of cool skill trees and abilities to build around.

4. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Halo revolutionized FPS games on consoles, and a big part of that came from its split-screen modes. The Master Chief Collection includes six different co op games to work your way through as you explore the universe and the alien war within.

5. It Takes Two

One of the biggest award-winning games on this list, It Takes Two is a game where separated husband and wife characters work together for the sake of their daughter. This world is strange and wacky as you’re morphed into dolls to complete your experience in a fantastic co op adventure.

6. Deep Rock Galactic

Rather than getting stuck with players getting frustrated in Elo hell games, Deep Rock Galactic is based entirely in co op modes. You'll work with a team of three others and dig deep into the earth to achieve your goals before escaping via a space drill back to the surface. Rock and stone, brother!

7. Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monk’s Revenge

One of the older games on this list is also one no co op completionist can miss. The Mad Monk’s Revenge has a co op mode with hundreds of levels in the 2D puzzle title. You can even make your own maps, and with a modern remaster, it’s an easy title to get up and running.

8. Valheim

The idea of co op games is to work together, and few civilizations embrace this ideal like the Vikings. Valheim adopts this mythology into its co op modes where you explore, build worlds, and set sail. Don't be surprised if you get sucked into this one and wonder where the night has gone.

9. Worms Armageddon

A classic PC and console series that reached its zenith with this title. This turn-based strategy game is a hilarious title where co op really shines. Line up your best shot, launch a grenade across the map, and accidentally knock your friend into the ocean in what you assure them was an honest mistake. Honest!

10. Diablo 4

The latest in the famous series has the Lord of Terror return on modern consoles and PCs. Collect loot, level up your characters, and face down the demon armies in a game that's only getting better as it ages.

11. Elden Ring

While not traditionally included in co op games lists, Elden Ring's challenge makes it a great fit for playing with friends. You can even download co-op mods to streamline the experience further as you fight to right the world and take the throne as the Elden Lord.

12. Portal 2

The final game of the Portal series unless Valve figures out how the number three works, Portal 2 includes a coop campaign that crosses platforming and first-person puzzles. A great sense of humor and some real brain teasers make this a satisfying experience to play with others.

13. Broforce

Other games on this list include action and heavy-duty carnage, but Broforce turns the dial to 11. This side-scrolling shooter places you in the shoes of action character parodies as you use their abilities to destroy your enemies, the maps, and hopefully, not your co op buddy.

14. Grand Theft Auto 6

Moving into games coming next year, we have to give mention to GTA 6. While only the story has been covered so far in the media, GTA 5’s online was far too successful for a co op mode in the sequel to be ignored. Expect guns, racing, carnage, and hopefully a system better equipped to deal with hackers.

15. Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League

Delayed a couple of times so far, we still have to place hope in that this title from the creator of the Arkham series will end up becoming one of the great co op games of 2024. Play as one of the four members of the Suicide Squad as you take down the heroes, in what will hopefully live up to its predecessor's legacy.


What are co-op games?

Co op games are titles where players work together to achieve common goals. These can be MOBA games, shooters, MMORPGs, puzzle games, or anything else. As long as the players cooperate and play together, then a title can be considered a co op game.

Does co op mean split-screen?

Co op doesn't have to mean split-screen. Split-screen refers to how multiplayer games are displayed on one monitor or TV, with the screen physically split to give different players their own view. Some (especially older) co op games use this method, others don't.

What’s the difference between co-op and multiplayer games?

Multiplayer games include more than one player and can be anything from grinding games to fighting games. Co op games are multiplayer games that specifically involve cooperative play. Many games even include co op and non-co-op modes.

Are there any co-op PC games?

There are many fantastic co-op games to play on your PC, it is arguably the best place to go if you can get the equipment. From free games to paid experiences and even emulating older systems, the PC is one of the best gaming platforms to explore co op games on. You can even use controllers if you prefer!