• Nords:
    Heroes of the North
  • Sparta:
    War of Empires
  • Stormfall:
    Age of War
  • Pirates:
    Tides of Fortune
  • Soldiers Inc.

Heroes Wanted: Experience MMO Strategy Games by Plarium!

Get ready to experience free, no download browser-based MMO strategy games like never before.

An epic world of myth and magic awaits you in Stormfall: Age of War, where you will need to summon every ounce of strength and cunning to protect your Castle in the lawless lands of Darkshine. King Leonidas himself could not have waged a more glorious war than the one you’re about to bring to your enemies in Sparta: War of Empires.

Do you want to find your inner pirate? Come aboard and find your sea legs in Pirates: Tides of Fortune, as you chart your own course for high adventure! Maybe you’re looking to inflict Total Domination over your rivals in post-apocalyptic combat, or you want to go toe-to-toe with other corporate mercenaries in Soldiers Inc. Lead the elves, dragons, vikings and orcs of your Nordic Stronghold into battle against zombie hordes in Nords: Heroes of the North.

Whichever battle you pick – Plarium’s got you covered. Our online strategy games are best-in-class!

Features of Plarium's MMO Strategy Games

  • Superb 3D graphics, fully-voiced missions and realistic characters
  • Free browser-based games with thousands of live clans & online rivals
  • A community of 200 million players in 150 countries play Plarium's games
  • Pen your own story in single player campaigns; join forces for massive cooperative global missions, or experience savage MMO free-for-all warfare – you make the choice.

Plarium’s promise

We are team of hardcore gamers, artists and technical gurus committed to creating the ultimate gaming experiences we’d want to play, for you.

Our no-download multiplayer hardcore gameplay focuses on the raw RTS warfare you want – just the way you like it. No cartoons. Just thousands of Live Clans joining deep-balance strategic warfare on our servers every day. This is war. This is a test of your resolve, your leadership and your MMO strategy gaming skill.

We are Plarium. Who do you want to be today?

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Shingard needs heroes! Lead an army to victory over legions of undead in this free cross-platform MMO strategy game! Join the fight now to take on the Ice Queen!

Master strategy, diplomacy and tactics in the ancient world of Sparta: War of Empires™! Only you can unite with King Leonidas to save Greece in this free- to-play, no download strategy MMO. Start playing now!

Step into a dark world of fantasy and myth in the greatest fantasy online strategy game! You have been chosen to be a champion in these dark times. Claim the throne of Stormfall: Age of War!

Join the free, no download Pirates: Tides of Fortune™ pirating world to use strategy and tactics in the MMO world on the Seven Seas.

Heads-up, Commanders! Think you’ve got what it takes to conquer Zandia? Lead your advanced mercenary war machine to fame, fortune and glory for the Syndicate! Grab your kit, grab your friends, and enlist in the best online military MMO strategy game out there now!