Total Domination: Reborn

Real-Time PvP Strategy Skirmish

Game Description

Note: this game is no longer available. You can still play the original Total Domination on PC/Mac here.

The world as we know it has ended. Our power and pride got too big for our common sense, and our once-powerful civilization has crumbled into brutal warfare. Decency has taken a back seat, and now we’re down to scattered clans and struggling sectors.

You have control of one such Sector. Build your base up from ash and dirt to become a military force to be reckoned with. Gather your forces and call upon your allies to fight strategic PvE and PvP battles for dominance over the few resources that remain. Your fate is up to you!

Fight for Survival

Even after nuclear annihilation and years of plagues, the greatest threat to humanity was yet to emerge - until now. An all-powerful Artificial Intelligence has gone rogue deep in the wasteland, and now it will take everything you’ve got to bring it down.

Build Your Sector

Establish a resourcing operation as quickly as possible. Build and upgrade mines to support your recruitment efforts. Constructs defenses to aid your forces if your Sector should be attacked directly.

Upgrade Your Army

Research new technologies to get access to more powerful units. Improve the efficiency of your resource buildings, and unlock new ways to destroy your enemies. You will need every advantage - you won’t want to end up in second place.

Form a Clan

Find like-minded allies and band together for mutual protection. Coordinate your attacks, and support your clanmates’ efforts. In a world after the apocalypse, you’ll always need someone at your back.

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