Best God Simulator Games of All Time

Last updated: 5/26/2024
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God simulator games are those based on the idea of high-level control. As a god, you'll develop your world and the creatures who live within it to either fantastic success or crushing failure. The best god games put the power in your hands, but make it clear that being a deity isn’t easy.

As fun and diverse as the idea of god games is, they're not one of the most common genres in video games. That said, there are so many great titles to choose from that we decided to create this list of the best god simulator games online and offline for you to play. As for what type of god you’ll be, that’s up to you…

Populous Series

We have to start this god simulator list with arguably the first video game series to create the genre – Populous. Released in 1989, the Populous games are about directly taking the power of a god to guide your followers and defeat your enemies.

Later games in the series build on this idea as you move from acting on a tabletop to taking over entire planets. Despite the age, these games still hold up, and you can play these god games online with a little work.

What was the First God Sim Game?📢

The first game to be officially called a god sim game was Populous. Other earlier titles featured some of the same gameplay systems, but Populous helped consolidate these ideas into one definite whole.


Early footage of Spore promised a huge level of control as guided evolution from singular microorganism to species-level universal force. While the game might not have quite lived up to the hype, it's still a fantastic title all the same.

From walking around a planet in the early game to taking control in a way that makes it almost feel like a space MMO in later stages, Spore is a worthy entry on this list that deserves a proper sequel. You can even design your own buildings, making this one of the potential Olympian god games if you put in the effort.

Black and White Series

The Black and White games let us live out our dreams of both ruling civilizations and controlling enormous god-like animals as our pets. While this included some immensely frustrating learning processes like teaching a real animal, players were eventually left with a pet that reflected their habits and actions.

Black and White offers an interesting take on moral questions and simple thinking, and not many ancient god games can offer this level of insight.

The Universim

The Universim gives players the apt name of Creator, letting them guide civilization from the Stone Age to the era of space travel. Recently released after ten years in development, The Universim lets you take an occasional hands-off approach to godhood, leaving your cities and people to make their own decisions.

Of course, failure to live up to your expectations guarantees a response of wrath and destruction to keep citizens in line.

From Dust

Conceived as a spiritual successor to Populous, From Dust started as more of a real-time strategy game before adopting more of a god-game model. The emphasis in From Dust is on directly manipulating the environment with soil, lava, and water, with each guiding and benefiting your people in unique ways.

From Dust also stands out as a god simulator online experience with an active leaderboard for level completion time. It’s an odd idea, but the concept of competing to be the fastest god is a funny one.

Dwarf Fortress

The one on this list we have to include for all the hardcore gamers out there, Dwarf Fortress offers a steep learning curve and some of the deepest gameplay in video games. While you do have enormous control in Dwarf Fortress, the complex game mechanics will teach you just how important and unpredictable unit autonomy can be. Expect some fantastic stories.


The WorldBox god simulator starts as one of the more casual games in the god genre, but it can also be much more for players who put in the time. WorldBox god simulator mods can drastically change the experience as the four races develop, fight, and manage the challenges you present.

The WorldBox sandbox god simulator is a great place to start if you’re new to god simulator games, just don’t blame us if you get sucked into the world.

What is the Best God Game?🔥

The best god game is always a matter of taste so there is no one right answer. That said, many players point out WorldBox as a fantastic god game thanks to how welcoming and fun it is. Whether you want to protect or destroy, WorldBox is hours of fun.

Deisim (VR)

Deisim offers a unique approach to god simulator online experiences as one of the few VR games in the genre. You’ll fly over the landscape, toss tiles into the land, bring forth miracles, and zoom into the action in a way that really makes you feel like you're part of the world.


Another game claiming to be the spiritual successor of Populous, Godus is a god simulator game where you start from just two villagers to build a successful world. Set in the promised land, Godus has you modify the land stratum to gain power, and it’s available for play on mobile devices.

What is God in Gaming?

God in gaming could be thought of as the being with the ultimate control over the greatest area. God games embrace this idea more closely than most, providing players power over many creatures and landscapes as they achieve their goals.

Upcoming God Simulator Games

Fata Deum (2024)

A real next-gen take on ancient god games, Fata Deum is promising to be one of the best-looking titles in the genre. With the ability to change the morality of your followers and let them influence the world through your actions, Fata Deum gives us Black and White vibes, and we look forward to its 2024 release.

Adapt (TBA)

Adapt is a game that looks to borrow from Spore while keeping gameplay to the planetary scale. With a focus on evolution and adaption, your custom creatures in this title will walk the land, swim the seas, and fight the never-ending battle of evolutionary survival.

What is a God Mode Hack?

A god mode hack is a cheat in a game that provides god-like powers. Usually, any cheat that makes the player unkillable is called god mode, and these can appear in many titles outside of the god games genre.


From the retrogaming experiences of the 80s to the hits like the WorldBox – god simulator of today, god simulator game releases provide a sense of power like no other. Whether you’re leading an army to conquer fierce lands or simply messing with the locals to see what happens, god and goddess games make you the ultimate decider of fate.

The power might draw us in with god games, but they also demonstrate a type of experience only possible thanks to cutting-edge tech and imaginative developers. The best god games act as a kind of time capsule for where gaming is in a generation, and what players of the time enjoy.

Gaming’s ultimate promise is that it lets the player feel like gods, where the world is shaped to their whims. Greek god games and others in the genre approach this promise directly on the grand scale, and each of the above titles offers a unique interpretation of this idea. Take the time to learn how to play, and god games can offer some of the most memorable systems in all of gaming.