Best Games on Apple Store for iPhones & iPads (2024)

Last updated: 6/6/2024
7 minutes read

Apple is one of the biggest names in the mobile gaming landscape, with a huge range of titles on their phone and tablet systems. To help you find your way through their vast library, we’ve written this page to narrow down the best games in the Apple store lineup.

So what are these games, what makes them special, and what can players expect once they jump in?

iPhone Only – The Best iOS Games to Play in 2024 🔥

The iPhone made a name for itself as the most popular smartphone brand, but it's not just a communication tool. Apple's world-changing devices are also some of the best gaming phones on the market, catering to both hardcore gamers and casual players.

Monopoly Go!

One of the most recognizable board games hits the digital space with Monopoly Go! This colorful interpretation offers all the excitement of the original with challenging friends made easy.

Play from the same room or at a distance, have arguments about rules settled by the computer, and capture that impossible rare feeling of playing without missing game pieces. Monopoly Go! offers both classic modes and reimaginings of the original, and it still holds up perfectly. It's also recently seen the introduction of community events in 2024, providing even more ways to play.

Twisted Tangle

A great aspect of mobile gaming is how unusual some concepts for games can be. Twisted Tangle finds success in making a game out of untying knots under a time limit, something we tend to avoid in real life.

With abilities like freezing time, a huge number of levels with more introduced just this year, and the almighty scissor powerup, you'll be amazed at how much fun a simple idea can be. Twisted Tangel might even help you next time you tackle your box full of Christmas lights, which alone makes it one of the best games for iPhone.

Royal Match

Match games were some of the biggest hits of early mobiles, with new match-3 games in 2023 and today continuing this legacy. Royal Match is one of our favorites, where you help King Robert match his way to a healthier home.

With hundreds of challenging levels with more constantly added and that classic gameplay that never goes out of style, iPhones and this game are a Royal Match made in heaven.

Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle

Another fantastic puzzle game with a huge number of challenges, Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle has you unmaking various contraptions to clear a board of pieces.

This puzzle game is more of a brain-teaser than most, leaving you scratching your head and dreaming of a digital crowbar. Thanks to its leaderboards, customizable skins, and over 300 levels, this simple idea sticks with you.


Among the biggest games in the world, and for good reason. Roblox is just as much of a game as it is a game-maker and digital toolbox. Players can customize their avatars, join their friends, and play thousands of experiences built by others in the Roblox world.

As one of the biggest and most diverse digital landscapes on the net, what Roblox offers needs to be seen to be believed. It's also part of an ever-evolving ecosystem, with new tools, maps, and experiences for players arriving constantly. Even better, it's one of the best free-to-download iPhone games.

Best Games for iPad in 2024

Next up we move from smartphones to their larger tablet cousins. The extra space of tablet systems means they can provide different experiences with greater processing power.

The best iPad games are those that cater to these differences, so let's break down which accomplish their goals best.

Genshin Impact

MMORPGs have taken off in the tablet space, but many of them struggle with integrating their gameplay with tablet platforms. Genshin Impact is perhaps the very best example of an MMO game perfectly adapted to iPads, built from the ground up for mobile play.

The beautiful and colorful world and characters in this Gacha game made it an instant hit, both for hardcore players and more casual fans. This is about as close as we could get to Zelda in an MMO, as amazing as that combination sounds.


The biggest game in the world is a perfect fit for tablets, bringing the same creativity and exploration offered by other platforms. Whether you’re a fan of castle-building games looking to fortify a kingdom of ice or a dragon-slayer on a mission to kill the flying beasts of the Ender dimension, Minecraft excels in flexibility. It's even one of the offline iOS games, if you don't have an active internet connection.

No matter your age, Minecraft is an engaging experience, and it’s also a fun way to play with friends and family. At least, until they drop a bucket of lava into your base.

Among Us!

The game of acrimonious allegations and multinational memes finds a home on tablets with Among Us! In this game of teamwork, you'll be tasked with preparing a spaceship while some among your group work to sabotage the effort.

Ending with debate and finger-pointing, Among Us! is great for working out who in your friends is the best liar, and who is most likely to get vented into space when push comes to shove.

Stardew Valley

Built on the framework of the Harvest Moon series, Stardew Valley is a farming life game where you grow crops, raise animals, explore caves, and build friendships.

With each day taking only a few minutes, Stardew Valley is one of the more casual games on this list that’s impossible to put down. You’ll play until the early hours of the morning, and you’ll only slightly regret it.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

It wasn't easy bringing one of the biggest turn-based strategy games ever released to tablet, but Sid Meier's Civilization VI made it look easy. Trade, fight wars, engage in diplomacy, and develop technological superiority in this deep and engaging multi-platform hit.

Just be aware that this is not a game you’ll finish quickly, so be sure you’re comfortable before you jump into one of the best games on iPad.

Top Apple Arcade Games in 2024

Finally, we move on to Apple's dedicated game subscription service with Apple Arcade. This service offers an enormous range of titles from a monthly or yearly subscription where you can pick and choose which releases suit you best.

It's a challenge to narrow down the top Apple Arcade games from such a robust library, but the following should include something for you.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure

As the second-highest-grossing media franchise of all time (after Pokémon), we'd expect Hello Kitty to deliver something special in gaming. They accomplish this feat with flying colors with Hello Kitty Island Adventure, a warm and cozy adventure that borrows inspiration from the Animal Crossing series.

You’ll split your time between rebuilding an island and exploring with friends in this title. You don’t need to be a fan of the character to enjoy the game.

Sneaky Sasquatch

Giant wood apes have the odds stacked against them when taking to the world of stealth, but as Sneaky Sasquatch shows, they know what they’re doing. This hilarious title lets you sneak around human campsites while stealing food and clothes, letting you further your adventures as a “human” in disguise.

We never really considered a sasquatch playing golf or driving monster trucks, but apparently, these are activities they truly enjoy.

NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition

The biggest basketball game hits Apple’s systems with NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition. This mobile version lets you take control in the big leagues with matches like the NBA playoffs and championships.

Play alone or with friends, perfect your dribble, and create your own player to hang with the best of the best. We’ll probably never play a real match against prime Jordan, but in NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition it’s just another day.

Football Manager 2024 Touch

The only thing better than watching football is explaining to the TV screen where teams have gone wrong, and what we could have done better. Football Manager 2024 Touch lets us put our boasts into action in a fantastic football management experience.

Longtime players can even import their careers from the previous game to continue their success into the new season.

Angry Birds Reloaded

The apoplectic avians return with Angry Birds Reloaded on Apple Arcade. You know the story by now – slingshot the birds, blow up buildings, and create more of a hassle than a flock of seagulls at a beach picnic.

Reloaded is a remake of the original game with added features like new levels, updated graphics, and more birds to launch at anything that would dare stand in your way. A timeless classic, and a game that’s as fun today as it ever was.


Apple might not be a dedicated gaming platform, but that doesn't stop the company from offering some of the best gaming experiences of this generation. Whether you're looking for adventure, RPGs, platforming, casual games, or anything in between, iPhone and iPad will have something for you. Plus, with Apple’s AR and VR just hitting the mainstream, there’s no telling how high Apple’s games could soar in the years to come.