Must-Try Games Like Pokémon

Last updated: 5/27/2024
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When the first Pokémon game launched in early 1996 there was no predicting just how successful the series would become. From humble beginnings on the Gameboy, Pokémon became the highest-grossing media franchise in the world. It is still experiencing massive success nearly 30 years later.

The Pokémon sensation would naturally lead to a flood of imitators. Some of these titles follow Pokémon’s example closely with games like Pokémon Go, while others set out to find their own unique path.

On this page, we'll take a look at some of the best Pokémon-like games you can play today, and a few to look forward to in the future. Whether you’re a fan of the classic formula or want a fresh take, there’s something here for you.

What is the New Pokemon-like Game?📱

There are several standout games like Pokemon newly available in 2024. Key among these are Palworld and the upcoming Creatures of Ava. Both put new twists on the Pokemon formula and are poised to succeed.

Cassette Beasts

A recent entry onto this list, Cassette Beasts was released in April 2023 and quickly revealed itself as a contender for the best game similar to Pokémon. Also one of the best RPGs in 2023, Cassette Beasts takes place in the third person as you capture and battle monsters on a quest to return home.

To capture the beasts you’ll use your cassette player, which also functions as the menu system both in and out of battle. As the name suggests, Cassette Beasts adopts a kind of analog tech aesthetic, bolstered by charming graphics that mimic the old overworld designs of previous Pokémon generations.

Still, Cassette Beasts finds a unique voice as one of the best Pokémon-like games to play in 2024.

Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary adds a twist on pet-collecting gameplay as a new Pokémon-like game that spreads its wings into the Metroidvania genre. This 2D platformer uses beautiful pixel graphics as you travel through an enormous world and expand your team.

While the battles in Monster Sanctuary still operate with turn-based strategy rules, traversal is handled with an expertly crafted platformer system. You’ll unlock paths as you gain new monsters, create effective combos, and explore the skill trees to make your team the best of the best in one of the finest Pokémon-like games on Steam.


Coromon is more traditional in its steps to create a new game like Pokémon, and it succeeds in its efforts. Here you'll don the shoes of a Battle Researcher as you uncover a mysterious threat to the world, find the perfect squad, and witness some astoundingly beautiful 2D graphics.

When playing Coromon we couldn't help but think that if Pokémon kept to its 2D roots, this is probably how the games would look today. There's a lot to love in this one, including a randomizer mode to keep replays fresh, and it's part of a greater franchise if you enjoy the single-player content Coromon provides.

Players who prefer tablet systems can also download Coromon from Google Play or the App Store since this title finds itself among the Pokémon-like mobile games lineup.


If you're anything like every Pokémon player ever, you've dreamed of the game extended into the landscape of MMORPGs. This is TemTem’s goal, dropping players into an active world within the stunning Airborne Archipelago. The true social core of these games is embraced by TemTem, and it understands the genre perfectly.

It’s not just about adventuring in TemTem, you’ll also follow an active story, build your house, and, of course, battle to see who’s best. Don’t worry if you go in solo either, TemTem still supports lone players while you search for friends among the game’s digital islands.

What Game is Most Like Pokemon?

TemTem is very much like Pokemon if Pokemon was set in the MMORPG space. It still involves capturing, training, and evolving creatures, it's just easier to do with a wider audience online.

Nexomon Extinction

Don't let the name fool you, Nexomon Extinction is a bright and cheerful new game similar to Pokémon with a wealth of positive aspects. Built on a cell-shaded 3D look, this genuinely funny game is a simpler take on the formula that, nonetheless, still manages to captivate.

It might not be one of the more realistic games, but Nexomon Extinciton is still easily one of the best-looking and fun games like Pokémon on Steam today, plus it's among the greatest Pokemon-like games for iOS too.

Monster Hunter Stories 1 and 2

Originally released for the 3DS and Switch respectively, Monster Hunter Stories 1 and 2 have come to PC with all their fantastic gameplay intact. These titles have you take the sneaky approach of stealing eggs which, while ethically questionable, probably makes the beasts you capture easier to domesticate.

You'll also fight alongside your buddies in this game, with each taking RPG roles to make up the greater party. A fantastic entry that you don’t need to be a Monster Hunter fan to enjoy.

Ni No Kuni

Ni No Kuni is an interesting tale of a young man traveling into another monster-filled world to save his mother. Adopting the same kind of visual style made popular by Studio Ghibli, Ni No Kuni is a striking Pokémon-like game where you take direct control of your monsters as they do battle.

Monster Rancher Series

Only slightly younger than Pokémon, the Monster Rancher series started on the PS1 back in 1997. This series is famous for its unique methods of acquiring monsters, which in the original involved inserting different music CDs into the PlayStation.

With the most recent of these Pokémon-style games letting you collect and breed kaiju, this series is one of the best in the genre. We also recommend emulating the earliest of these titles if you're interested in games like Pokémon for free, or downloading the more modern phone releases if you're looking for mobile games like Pokémon.


Often called Pokémon with guns, PalWorld is a game similar to Pokémon in that it offers an open world and many interesting ways to play. Play with friends and lean into the social aspects of gaming as you build a base, give your pals guns, or race them in your own modified world.

This popular title is only going to get bigger, so it might help to get in on the ground floor. It might even inspire games like Pokémon Go, if we're lucky.

Digimon World Next Order

Digimon has long been one of the big games like Pokémon, and Next Order illustrates the most recent exploration of its gameplay and world. This story-driven experience has you take on the Machinedramon threat as you restore order, foster a relationship with your Digimon, and even build a town in which to live.

Are There Other Games Like Pokemon?

There are many other games like Pokemon that offer great gameplay opportunities. Each of the games in this list does something unique with the general Pokemon idea, and you might even end up liking some more than the original series!

Upcoming Pokémon-Style Games

The above lineup offers enough gameplay to keep players engaged for months or years, but what new Pokémon-like game releases do we have to look forward to?

Creatures of Ava (2024)

Calling itself a creature-saver game, Creature of Ava has already shown a diverse world of beautiful cell-shaded styles and creature designs. The objective here seems to be working with your friends to save the world and its ecosystem from a life-destroying infection, using a special flute to charm animals to your cause.

Ava could illustrate a twist on a new Pokémon-like game, so we have to applaud the developer’s creativity.

Nexomon 3 (TBA)

The latest and hopefully greatest new Pokémon-like game in the Nexomon series, the third numbered entry promises innovative combat, intricate quests, and the largest world in Nexomon yet.

We don’t yet have a release date for this one, but its online presence indicates it could easily be one of the best games like Pokémon on Steam when it does finally arrive. Plus, with older Nexmon releases on mobiles, there is potential for Nexomon 3 to enter the Pokémon-like games for Android lineup.

What Pokemon Game is Coming out in 2025?

Fans who want more direct Pokemon goodness can look forward to Pokémon Legends: Z-A on the Nintendo Switch in 2025. This title might even see a simultaneous launch alongside the upcoming Switch 2!


If you’re the type of player to collect and tame beasts or you prefer going into battle with your friends at your side in games Pokemon Go-like games, the above games like Pokémon illustrate some of the best of the best. From indie game releases to big-budget titles, there’s never been a better time to explore this genre of gaming.

2024 isn’t just about offering a fantastic library of Pokémon-style games either, it’s also about experiments on the formula providing greater exploration into the pet-gaming landscape. We wouldn’t be surprised to see more video game genres experiment with these mechanics in the future, and that suits us just fine.